About Steve

Man at the Beach

Hello everyone and welcome to my fitness website, Get Fit On A Budget! Exercise and fit living has been a passion of mine for over ten years now, going back to my time in college when I became much more health conscious.

Over those ten years, I have tried many methods and products to achieve my fitness goals, as well as help others do the same.

The thing is, as a husband and a father of two kids, I don’t have an unlimited budget to spend every time the latest and greatest equipment or program comes out.

I also don’t have the time or resources to sign up for a gym membership and actually be there enough to reap the benefits. So how to I make sure I am present for my family AND can achieve my workout goals?

There is a way!

Through trial and error, I have been able to find methods and products that allow fitness to fit in to my busy, family-oriented, and budget-minded lifestyle.

A Little Story Of My Fitness Journey

I have always been involved in athletics. As a kid, I played baseball from Pee-Wee all the way through High School and while we would run some, most practices centered around developing our hitting and fielding skills.

I also didn’t know about off-season upkeep and extra workouts in between games and practices. As a result, in Middle School and my first two years of High School, I put on some extra weight.

Home cooked Italian meals probably contributed to that too…

It was in August before my Junior year of High School when that started to change. Through a series of events that I will certainly write about in more detail later, I started to run for the cross-country team.

The weight started to drastically come off as I racked up the miles and my metabolism completely changed. I was no superstar, but more important to me was seeing the results of sustained and challenging exercise.

However, when I got to college and wanted to gain weight, I couldn’t.

Busy class schedules and different priorities (meeting my now wife) led to me only taking exercise classes and sporadically going to the campus fitness center.

However, it was in these classes and my limited time in the gym that a passion really started to grow.

The muscles didn’t, though.

That would take almost another ten years due to marriage, babies, and various health issues. It would also take getting educated (I am a formerly certified personal trainer through ACE Fitness) and dedicated before I started seeing something other than a slim 155lbs when I stepped on the scale.

Now? I have found what works for me, my family, and my priorities.

About 1 1/2 years ago, I started diligently and consistently trying to increase muscle through diet and strength training…all from my home and without breaking my bank account.

I’m happy to say, I currently sit at 175lbs. I’m in the best shape of my life and only getting stronger.

Take Control Of Your Journey

There is such opportunity now, with the amount of knowledge readily available and with affordable, at-home fitness products getting better and better.

You can get where you want to be without spending all your time outside of the house and all your money on memberships that life can prevent you from using.

I want to help get you to the point where you can independently and frugally achieve your fitness goals.

I am living proof that it is absolutely possible to get in shape while having plenty of time and money for all of your other priorities. You don’t have to live at a gym. You don’t have to have unlimited space a home for a lot of equipment.

Connecting You To Possibilities

Get Fit On A Budget will hopefully be a true jumping off point for your own fitness journey:

One that is free to make fitness work for you, your family, your priorities, and your budget.

Healthy living is an important, yet achievable goal that anyone can reach, regardless of schedule or finances.

I hope to connect you will products and knowledge that will help you on your way, along with encouraging you to stay positive, knowing you can do it!

If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to comment below and I will do my very best to give you the help you need!

Your fellow journeyman,

Steve Halliwell

Founder of Get Fit On A Budget