It’s A Time To Change – Achieving Consistency At Get Fit On A Budget

it's a time for change

As we move into the Spring, I am really thinking that it’s a time to change. Now of course, here at Get Fit On A Budget, you can still expect to see the same type of quality content, reviews, etc., but what I am looking to do is get more consistent and achieve some blogging consistency here.

I’m always looking to improve this site, but I was feeling like I had been getting off track recently. Then I saw an article that spoke on consistency in general from a site called This is a problem that has hit me like a ton of bricks over and over again over the course of my life and I’m seeing it again.

I make these grand plans that are really way too much, too fast and forget how to set goals that are achievable. It’s funny in a way because I have spoken before on the importance of setting SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) in the realm of fitness. It seems I forgot to apply them elsewhere!

Well, not anymore! It begins with this post, where I will be giving you an idea of where we are headed and what I hope you will see in the future of this site. Think of it as your backstage pass. I always want to be as transparent as I can be and this is another step in that direction.

Over the course of this article and every article at the beginning of each month, I am going to go over what is coming up over the next 30-31 days at the site so that the time of not knowing what is coming and having random articles pop up will be at an end.

With that said, here is what you can expect from me.

Achieving Consistency In The Schedule

it's a time to change

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Up until now, I was publishing 2 or 3 posts one week and aiming for 4-5 the next. Not only do I think this has been stressful for me, but I think it also was not very user-friendly for you. Not knowing whether there would be a stretch where you wouldn’t see anything or be inundated with content is probably not what you want (it certainly isn’t what I want!)

In order to get consistent, I need to make a change toward consistency in my posting schedule. It needs to be the same each and every week so that you know when to hop on the site and see something new.

A consistent schedule is not only crucial to success in fitness, but in all areas of life and that’s what I hope to be able to do.

This is why, from this point on, I am planning to publish 3 posts a week on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. This should provide a couple of benefits.

The first is that it will allow me more time to research and increase the quality of each post. Everyone is busy and I don’t want to waste your time because you deserve to read the best content available without having to sift through nonsense!

The second benefit is that the randomness should end. As I mentioned before, it’s been hard to know when new content was coming. If I am inconsistent, what incentive do you have for being consistent with me? Just as with fitness, there is a give and take to the relationship and I want to make sure I am giving clear communication to you, the reader!

Speaking of communicating, with this 3-post schedule, that leaves me the rest of the week to focus on…

Achieving Consistency In The Comments Section

it's a time to change

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Most of the time, it takes me way too long to respond to some of your comments and for that, I apologize. You take the time to put down your awesome thoughts and questions, so I want to make sure I respond in a more timely manner.

I never want you to feel like you are being ignored! It’s not a good feeling and can really sap motivation to return.

That’s why I will be devoting Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays to getting in touch with all those who have taken the time to leave a comment. The goal here has always been to build a community of individuals who are excited about budget-friendly fitness. I feel this is one way to get that done.

If you have any suggestions how I could do better in this are, please let me know!

Now we come to the next steps!

What To Look For This Month

As previously stated, I will be posting on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. On Mondays and Fridays, you can expect to read our in-depth reviews of the best budget-friendly fitness equipment and accessories available today!

That leaves Wednesday for the various topics we like to highlight, including new recipes, restaurant survival guides, motivational quotes, and analyzing different diets and foods (among other types of posts) to help you make healthy and informed decisions for your body!

As always, I am absolutely open to suggestions for content, so if you want me to take a look at a certain product for topic, let me know! I’d be happy to hear about it and would definitely consider giving you and your site a shout out if your topic makes it into a post (with your permission, of course!).

Now, it’s time to take a look at the schedule of posts for the rest of March!

March 2020 Posting Schedule

it's a time to change

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No Better Time Than The Present

It’s a time to change for the better here at Get Fit On A Budget. My hope is that with more regular, consistent posting and quicker responding to comments, you will have a better user experience and trust this site as a go-to resource. I thank you all for the support you have given me so far! It is most appreciated!

Consistency is a huge help to any endeavor in life, whether you are on a fitness journey, career path, or in your day to day relationships. My hope is to be a consistent part of your fitness journey!

Now, it’s your turn! Would you like to know what is coming up at the beginning of each month? Do you think that model will be helpful to you as a reader? Are there any posts in the schedule that you are most excited about? Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, please let me hear them! According to my schedule, today is a comment day, so you’ll be hearing from me!

To make sure that you don’t miss out on any posts, make sure you put your email in the “Subscribe” box and click the button!

Lastly, if you want others to get excited about our new schedule, please hit one or more of the share buttons following you down the page!

I look forward to hearing from you! That’s all for now! God bless and happy reading!