Marcy Recumbent Bike – The NS-716R Review

Marcy Recumbent Bike

Stationary bikes are a great way to get a cardio workout in, however, for some of us they carry the same problem as your outdoor bike. They have the potential to get uncomfortable on extended rides. That’s why I’m going to be taking a look at the Marcy Recumbent Bike, Model NS-716R!

Now, in other stationary bike articles, we have gone over the amazing benefits that cycling in general offers. If you need a reminder, has a great article on recumbent bicycles that highlights just a few.

Cycling can improve your heart, brain, and circulatory system function as well as increase your overall stamina. It also has the ability to build up your leg muscles, especially if you up the amount of resistance, do hills, or do HIIT, like a spin class.

Interestingly enough, Livestrong also notes that cycling can build bone density due to the pulling forces on the leg muscles. I had always thought that you needed weight bearing exercise to do that, so I guess it just goes to show that you can learn something new every day!

As we have hinted at before, and Livestrong reiterates, one of the best reasons to use a recumbent bike is that there is more back support and a wider, more comfortable seat. This is particularly helpful to those who experience back pain while riding regular bikes or those who are overweight.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that someone who is perfectly healthy can’t get a great experience from a recumbent bike. Check out this video from Silver Sneakers that gives a great, beginner’s guide to these useful tools.

The Overview – What And Where To Buy

The Product: The Marcy NS-716R Recumbent Stationary Bike

Where to Buy: (And qualifies for free shipping!)

Amazon Star-Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (with 372 reviews)

The Specs and Features

Marcy is actually a branch of the IMPEX Fitness company. IMPEX is also responsible for such brands as APEX, HERS, Steelbody, Competitor, and Bionic Body. Through these brands, IMPEX offers a host of different exercise equipment ranging from kettlebells to power towers.

The company got its start in 1982 and since then, has been working hard to create great customer service and quality products that are accessible to those of all budgets.

If you want to learn more IMPEX and Marcy, feel free to take a look at their “About” page” and if you want to just browse their products, feel free to check out the rest of their website by CLICKING HERE or by visiting their YouTube channel!

As for the Marcy Recumbent Bike, Model NS-716R, there are some great features to explore, so let’s get into it.

The first thing you will notice is that it doesn’t take up much space. In fact, the Marcy is only 39 inches tall, 25 inches wide, and between 51 and 56 inches long, depending on what position you have the seat in (which is fully adjustable). Adding to its ability to save space, it is only 59lbs and has wheels so that you can easily move it wherever you need to.

As discussed before, the seat is where you will really notice a difference from a normal stationary bike. It is large (at 15 inches wide and 10 inches long) and complete with high-density foam padding on both the back rest and seat, as well as padded handles to support you during longer rides.

Speaking of seating, the bike is able to handle a maximum weight of 300lbs due to its solid metal frame and can be easily accessed because of its “step-through” design.

The main console of the bike features a tension knob, which can be turned on the fly, with 8 levels of magnetic resistance so that you can simulate hills and give yourself periods of rest.

The NS-716R also features a cup holder within easy reach, so you can make sure that you stay hydrated during intense rides.

Lastly, coming up from the base is a large LCD screen where you will be able to track various stats including your speed, calories burned, ride time, ride distance, and an odometer that tells you your lifetime distance traveled. This runs on two AA batteries that are not included with the bike upon delivery.

Check out the video from Marcy Pro’s YouTube Channel below to see the NS-716R in action and see more of its features.

The Pros

If you are in the market for a stationary bike, and are intrigued by the recumbent style, there are some definite positives to owning a Marcy recumbent bike. Here are my highlights:

  • Great Workout: Recumbent bikes offer the same benefits as using regular stationary bikes, but with more comfort in mind!
  • Convenient Size: Seeing that the bike isn’t huge, even if you have a small space, you’ll most likely be able to fit it. The fact that it is also lightweight and can be rolled around means that you can bring it out when you need it and put it away when you don’t! Being able to easily step through in order to sit down is a huge plus for those with limited mobility.
  • Comfort: The seat has been designed to give you the support and comfort where you most need it. You won’t have to worry about the same discomfort you would on other stationary bikes! That means you can ride longer and burn more calories.
  • Solid Construction: Marcy makes several versions of recumbent bikes with a maximum capacity ranging from 250lbs to 300lbs. The NS-716R is on the higher end with a max weight of 300lbs, so there are a wide range of people that will be able to use it.
  • Adjustable: The seat can be moved forward or backward, fitting inseams ranging from 28-34 inches which should fit most heights.
  • Clear Stat Tracking: The large LCD display means you won’t have to squint in order to see how you are doing on your ride. Though basic, it tracks the stats you would want to know.
  • Easily Adjustable Resistance: With a turn of the knob, you can change the resistance easily as you ride. Having eight levels of resistance is also nice because you can vary the intensity during a ride, thus simulating hills or allowing yourself to do HIIT workouts.
  • Hydration-Ready: This is a small addition, but an important one. There is nothing worse than doing a stationary bike workout only to realize you placed your water bottle just a tad out of reach. The built-in cup holder eliminates this problem.
  • Safe: From the solid construction to the no-slip pedals complete with foot straps, you shouldn’t worry too much about it breaking or your feet sliding off during a workout.
  • Price: While I was expecting a lot higher price for the higher weight capacity, I was surprised to see that this model can be had for under $300! When you combine that with the offer of free shipping, it’s a great deal!
  • Choice: This particular model is listed as with the “Amazon’s Choice” tag for products that are high in quality and well-priced!

You may be wondering what kind of workout to do with a recumbent bike. It just so happens that I found a great HIIT routine that will only take you 20 minutes to complete! See that below:

The Cons

You may look at that list of pros and wonder what the catch is. Well, I always like to provide the most comprehensive reviews of any product I write about and that means looking at the potential negatives as well as the positives. I think it is only fair to you, the consumer, to be as well-informed as possible before making a decision!

Here are the cons that I think are important enough to mention:

  • Basic Model: You aren’t going to get a bunch of bells and whistles with the NS-716R model. It gives you what you need and nothing more, though that should be expected from a mid-level priced bike.
  • Basic Tracking: There are no pre-programmed routines like some higher end bikes. You are in charge of changing the resistance when you want a different feel to the workout.
  • Basic Resistance: While eight levels of resistance might be enough for some, it is definitely on the lower end of the spectrum for stationary bikes.
  • No Pulse: Unfortunately, one of the biggest features missing from this model is a pulse monitor built into the handles. That’s a little disappointing.
  • Batteries Not Included: This may be a nit-pick, but it’s a bummer that two AA batteries can be included in the package.

One way to get around not having pulse tracking is to use a fitness tracker along with the bike. In case you are interested, take a look at a few great options that I’ve written full review for below:

A Review Of The Reviews

best neck and back massager

Image by PatternPictures from Pixabay

If you still aren’t sure about the Marcy, here is the section where I look at the public opinion of consumers just like you, who have taken the time to give their take on the product. Check out our Amazon Star Rating Breakdown!

Out of 372 Total Reviews:

  • 164 5-Star Reviews (60%)
  • 65 4-Star Reviews (22%)
  • 22 3-Star Reviews (8%)
  • 14 2-Star Reviews (4%)
  • 19 1-Star Reviews (6%)

It is really encouraging to see that the vast majority of reviews are in the positive. In fact 82% are either 4 or 5 stars, leading me to believe that customers are overwhelmingly happy with their decision to purchase the NS-716R!

The Verdict – Sit Back (Literally) And Get Pedaling!

The Marcy recumbent bike, model NS-716R, is a great option for those who don’t need a lot of features, but want a quality product at a great price. I feel that it’s benefits and positive features outweigh anything negative I can say about it, so I’m confident that you will have a great experience should you decide to purchase one.

If you think you are ready to pull the trigger, you can simply click the Amazon picture link above, or the product picture in the “Overview” section to be taken directly to the correct page.

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That’s all for now! As always, God Bless and Happy Workouts!