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sunny health and fitness treadmill

Let’s face it, there are a lot of treadmills out there, at all different price points, with a wide range of technology. However, they basically boil down to the same action with some slight differences. What if I were to tell you there was a treadmill that was unique to all the others out there? That’s where the Sunny Health and Fitness Treadmill, Model SF-T7878, comes in.

Most treadmills need to be plugged into a wall. However, manual treadmills are different because you are providing the movement. If you think about it, it’s much more natural since when you run outdoors, the road doesn’t move underneath you!

According to Flab Fix, there are several benefits to having a manual treadmill over a motorized one. The first is that they are generally less expensive because you are not paying for the motor. This carries over to long-term savings because there is no motor to maintain or break on you.

Another reason to go with a manual treadmill is that they are generally safer. The belt stops moving when you do unlike a motorized treadmill that keeps going at the same speed. Have you seen the videos of someone biting it on a motorized treadmill? In case you haven’t, here you go:

Perhaps one of the most beneficial things about a manual treadmill is that, according to Science Direct (which was also cited by Flab Fix), they have the capability of burning more calories since it takes more effort to move the belt.

When you throw in the additional features that Sunny Health and Fitness included, your calorie burn has the potential to go through the roof and you have the potential to get great results in a shorter amount of time. What are those features, you may ask? Keep reading to find out why I think this treadmill is absolutely worth the asking price!

The Overview – What And Where To Buy

The Product: The Sunny Health and Fitness Manual Treadmill SF-T7878

Where to Buy: (Available with FREE SHIPPING!)

Amazon Star-Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (with 47 reviews)

The Specs and Features

Fixed Incline Version:

Adjustable Incline Version:

Sunny Health and Fitness has been in business for over 10 years now and has a commitment to bring you a wide variety of exercise equipment at a better price due to the fact that they source directly from their manufacturers.

They provide equipment such as stationary bikes, elliptical machines, treadmills, rowing machines, step machines, various free weights, and gym accessories.

If you want to check out the rest of their story, please feel free to visit their “About Us” page. If you want to browse their full line of products, you can access them all through their homepage.

As for the Sunny Health and Fitness SF-T7878, it has some pretty great features.

The first thing that should be noted is that there are two versions of this treadmill. The first has a fixed incline and is priced a couple hundred dollars lower than the second version, which has an adjustable incline. The choice is really up to you and you can’t go wrong with either, but the adjustable incline version has some extras that you might want to take a look at.

The biggest difference you will notice between this and a regular manual treadmill is that it has two flywheels that both help to move the belt, but also provide resistance. This magnetic resistance can be adjusted between 16 levels of difficulty from a small dial on the side of the machine.

While a motorized treadmill allows you to adjust the speed and sometimes the incline, adjusting the resistance actually allows you to make it more difficult to maintain your running speed. This, in combination with the various non-slip handle grip positions, gives you more of a weight training sled feel that you find in the gym.

In addition to the resistance, both versions of the Sunny will give you a large, shock absorbing running surface, the ability to fold it up and move it with transportation wheels, and a “soft drop” system. This basically means that with one touch, you can unlock the running deck and it will slowly lower itself to the ground, saving your floors.

Both are also able to carry a maximum weight of 300lbs.


There are definitely some differences between the two versions after that. The first is that the adjustable incline version gives you three height positions of 7, 8, and 9 percent, which you change manually. The fixed has only one position. Neither of them feature a flat position like most treadmills.

This is done to keep you on an incline and really upping the calorie burn during your workout.

Other than the difference in incline, there are a few other additional features that the adjustable version has that the fixed does not.

The most notable of these is the digital performance monitor which is able to track your distance, time, speed, calories burned, and heart rate (which is taken via two pulse monitors on the lower, horizontal handle bars.

Just above this performance monitor is a device holder that is big enough to hold a tablet so you can watch a show or listen to your favorite music while exercising.

Lastly, there is a slight difference in the dimensions of the running surface you should be aware of. The fixed incline version has a running surface of 53 inches long by 16 inches wide. The adjustable incline version has a surface of 47.5 inches by 17.5 inches.

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The Pros

As you can see from the list of features, I think that this type of treadmill, and the Sunny SF-T7878 in particular, has a lot of highlights. Here are my main ones.

  • A Better Workout: Because you are responsible for the movement instead of the track being turned by a motor, you are naturally doing more work and thus burning more calories.
  • More Workout Options: As seen in the introductory video above, it is entirely possible to perform ab roll-outs as well as simulating walking backwards while pushing a sled. The versatility is a huge advantage over other treadmills!
  • Dual Resistance: I’ve seen treadmills the adjustable speed and incline, but never resistance. The combination of incline and resistance will really challenge your muscle strength and stamina. It’s also great that there are 3 inclines and 16 levels of resistance so that you can gradually challenge yourself more and more.
  • Easily Stored: Not only can you fold the treadmill up to conserve space, but you can also roll it to wherever you need it due to the wheels on the base.
  • Room To Run: Whether you go with the fixed incline or the adjustable version, there is plenty of room on the running surface for you to use.
  • Weight Capacity: Holding a maximum of 300lbs is a really nice feature and speaks to the solid construction of the treadmill.
  • Multiple Hand Positions: The different hand positions allow you to use them in the style and for the challenge that you desire, if you use them at all. The fact that each hand grip position features a no-slip surface is a great safety feature.
  • Personal Safety: Speaking of which, a manual treadmill is definitely a safer option than a motorized, as the running surface doesn’t move unless you make it. There is no motor, so even if you do stumble, it will slow down. It also prevents young kids or clowns (like the ones shown above) from getting hurt on it.
  • Floor Safety: You won’t have to worry about the treadmill’s bed crashing down when you unfold it. This is due to the slow drop system. That’s another safety feature that is much appreciated by those who have flooring that they don’t want to replace (or small kids who could also get injured!).
  • Performance Tracking: The adjustable version comes with the ability to track your most important stats as mentioned above. That’s a big plus for those who like to see how they are progressing with their workouts.
  • Tablet Space: If we are being honest, running on a treadmill can sometimes get boring for some, but the tablet holder is a nice little add-on to help pass the time (as long as it doesn’t become a huge distraction!).
  • Price: While it certainly isn’t the cheapest treadmill on the market, for the amount that you are getting (even for the cheaper priced version) is really good! It also ships free from Amazon!
  • Choice Product: Speaking of Amazon, the fixed incline version is listed as an Amazon’s Choice product because of its quality and affordability.

Feel free to check out a sample workout you could do with this treadmill in the video below:

The Cons

As always, I like to be as fair and balanced in my reviews as possible. That’s why every product review on Get Fit On A Budget has a cons section. No product is perfect, and though I think it is great, the Sunny treadmill is no exception. There are a few notable aspects of it that I think would be beneficial to know.

  • Price: Now I know that I listed this in the “Pros” section, but I think it also belongs here because everyone’s budget is different. Quite frankly, either of the two options Sunny presents could definitely be out of someone’s price range. There is also a stark difference in price between the two versions that I’m not sure is entirely necessary.
  • Fixed Lacks Features: The fixed incline version is certainly lacking in a few areas that I think are pretty important. Most notably is the lack of a performance tracker and only one incline.
  • Weight Capacity: Another aspect that shows up in both the “Pros” and “Cons” sections simply because while 300lbs is a really good max, walking is one of the best exercises for those who are obese ( Therefore, this treadmill might leave out a population that could get a lot of benefit out of it.
  • Lack of Significant Reviews: While the reviews are positive, you will see in our next section that there just aren’t that many. If you are someone who likes to see a lot of people test the water before you do, then this treadmill may be more of a risk for you.

A Review Of The Reviews

best neck and back massager

Image by PatternPictures from Pixabay

I always like to look at what others are saying before I purchase a product. That’s why I include the Amazon Star Rating Breakdown in every one of my reviews. As mentioned in my “Cons” section, one thing to note is that there are not a ton of reviews out there. That may or may not bother you.

Out of 47 Total Reviews:

  • 20 5-Star Reviews (61%)
  • 4 4-Star Reviews (13%)
  • 4 3-Star Reviews (15%)
  • 2 2-Star Reviews (6%)
  • 1 1-Star Reviews (4%)

I usually like to review products that have a lot of reviews because I think it gives a better cross-section overall of the consensus. While I could say that 74% of the reviews are 4 or 5 stars, the total number doesn’t really tell me the whole story.

It is nice to see that the 5 stars definitely have a healthy lead on the others though and I know that Sunny Health and Fitness has a good reputation overall with their products. That gives me the most confidence.

The Verdict – Put It In Manual And Take Control Of Your Runs!

The Sunny Health and Fitness Treadmill, Model SF-T7878 Manual, would be a great addition to your home gym in my opinion. I love the fact that it isn’t just another treadmill that does most of the work for you, which seems unique for the industry.

If you wish to purchase your own (and they definitely are going fast) you can click on either the picture in the “Overview” section or the Amazon link above to be taken directly to the right page. Any purchase you make helps the website out, but doesn’t make anything more expensive for you. See the affiliate note on the right side of the page for more details!

Now, it’s your turn! What do you think of the Sunny SF-T7878 manual treadmill? Had you heard of manual treadmills before you read this article? Have you ever used one? What was your experience with it like compared to a motorized treadmill?

Do you have any funny treadmill accident stories? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below!

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