The BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 – All You Need In One Place

the BodyBoss home gym 2.0

These days, everyone is looking for a solution to our local gyms being closed. Either that, or you are like me and want to get away from gym memberships (or can’t afford them) and need an at-home solution. Well, I am here today to take a look at one of the hottest home gym items on the market: The BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0!

Why do I say it is one of the hottest items? Well, until April 11 it had been completely sold out on Amazon as it was in such high demand. In fact, as we will see later, it is quickly selling again, so now is the perfect time to move on it before it’s gone again!

Before we get into that, as you may know, I am a huge fan of resistance band training. When compared with traditional dumbbells, not only do I find them more versatile, but you can pretty much get the same quality workout for a lot less money. That is hugely important for a budget-minded person like me!

In fact, notes an article from Johns Hopkins Medicine that describes resistance bands as one of the best and safest ways to improve your bone strength (important for those who have osteoporosis in their family) as well as heart health.

This isn’t the first (and probably won’t be the last) time that I have highlighted a resistance bands system on this website. If you want to check out the other reviews I did, simply follow the links below:

Both of these other products are of very high quality wonderful options to compare after reading this review. That’s the great thing about the resistance bands portion of the fitness industry right now. There are solid options wherever you go and it is easy to find something that works best for you and your budget!

Check out this video to get an introduction to the BodyBoss 2.0:

Now that you have had a little taste, it’s time to get into the meat of this BodyBoss home gym 2.0 review!

The Overview – What And Where To Buy

The Product: BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0

Where to Buy: (with FREE SHIPPING on most versions!)

Amazon Star-Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (with 1,071 reviews)

Specs and Features

While the BodyBoss was designed to be stored in a closet, it wasn’t designed to stay there. Its creator, Ross Oltorik set out to create a piece of equipment that people would use again and again for maximum results. They are hugely popular (as noted above) and one of the reasons why is their desire to create a strong and supportive community.

No matter your fitness level or experience with resistance training, they want to make sure you are comfortable and having a great time with their product. This is done through their Club BodyBoss program, where you can not only get instructions on how to work out, but also live workout videos (more on this later).

If you want to check out more of their story, feel free to visit their “Our Story” page or the full BodyBoss website to browse their full list of products.

When you order your own BodyBoss portable gym, you are going to get a nice list of features included with your package.

The first thing you will notice is the BodyBoss’s foldable platform or base. It comes complete with a series of 5 rings that are designed to help you attach and loop the included resistance bands. This platform is able to withstand a maximum force of 500lbs! The base also features non-slip rubber grips to keep you safe.

Depending on how much you look the bands through these rings, it will adjust the amount of tension you will experience while working out.

Check out this video that explains this looping process:

As for the resistance bands, the two that are included can give you a range of 1-30lbs of resistance each, depending on how much you loop them. They are cloth covered to create a smooth, no-rub surface that won’t irritate your skin.

For clipping to the resistance bands, you will have three equipment options. The first is two handles that simulate exercises you would do with dumbbells. The second are wrist/ankle straps that you can use for exercises such as boxing or various leg workouts.

Lastly, there is a workout bar that you can collapse for more convenient storage. This is something you would use for any exercise that you would normally use with a bar in the gym.

The one other accessory that is crucial for me to mention is the included door anchor. This is a looped strap that has a foam ball at the end that can be attached to any regular door in your home (best if used on a door that closes toward you). This allows you to do exercises like a standing bench press or many cable exercises.

All of this, except for the foldable base, can be stored in an included carrying bag.

For ordering through Amazon, BodyBoss has included a bonus FREE startup workout program! This is included on the 1-page instruction guide that you will receive with your order. On it, you will find suggestions for various exercises you can do as well!

Lastly, each BodyBoss comes with a 1-year warranty, so if anything goes wrong with your gym, they will replace it.

Right now, there are 10 different colors available on Amazon including: Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, and Yellow.

However, the ones that are currently available from BodyBoss instead of other sellers are Gold, Green, Orange, Pink, White, and Yellow.

Additionally, BodyBoss offers a complete guidebook series that includes:

  • The Ultimate Body 12-Week Fitness Guide
  • Discover Superfoods
  • Weeks 1-6 Nutrition Guide (with recipes)
  • Weeks 7-12 Nutrition Guide (with recipes)
  • Smoothies and Desserts

While not on Amazon, the company does offer some additional accessories you can purchase from their website. For those who think they will need more challenge, most important of these is the extra bands. I will list the accessories with a link to each below:

As far as the Ab Wheel is concerned, the one that they offer isn’t bad, however, I think there are better. In fact, I did a review of one in particular called the Ab Carver Pro from Perfect Fitness that is incredible and could easily be used with this system! Check that review by clicking the link!

To see a full video of what comes in your package, check out this video below (note that it comes with 4 bands, while the version being reviewed comes with two…more on that later!):

The Pros

In my opinion, I think that the BodyBoss has a lot to offer. My highlights include:

  • Versatility: BodyBoss exercises are only limited by your imagination. With the handles, barbell, straps, and door anchor, you can do most any exercise you’d expect from a full gym.
  • Adjustability: Being able to just clip or loop the bands for more resistance means that they will be able to grow with you as you get stronger, always providing the right amount of challenge for your level.
  • Easy To Use: Simply hook one end of the bands to the base or door anchor and the other end to one of the handle options and start lifting!
  • Comfort: Many resistance bands can get a little rough on the skin. However, BodyBoss has covered their bands in soft fabric that won’t irritate or rub the skin as you perform exercises.
  • Portability: Fold up the base and pack up the accessories in the provided bag and you are good to go workout wherever you want to. That’s great for those who like to keep up with their fitness while on vacation!
  • Force Capacity: No matter what weight you start out as, the foldable base can handle it as the maximum force capacity is 500lbs!
  • Bonus: The bonus offered when you order from Amazon is a nice little perk. A free guide to using the BodyBoss properly is essential to those who are new to it or fitness in general.
  • Warranty: It gives great peace of mind to know that if anything goes wrong in the first year, it will be replaced! Good customer service is hard to come by these days, so any company that is willing to go above and beyond is a winner in my book.
  • Color Selection: While this doesn’t have anything to do with how effective the BodyBoss is for your fitness, for those who pay attention to aesthetics, it’s nice to have so many color options.
  • Price: If someone were to tell you that you could get hundreds of gym-quality exercises for under two hundred dollars, what would you say? Sign me up! That and it is available with free shipping!

Feel free to check out this sample workout video to see what kinds of exercises you can expect to do with the BodyBoss:

The Cons

As always, no review of a BodyBoss 2.0 would be complete here at Get Fit On A Budget if I didn’t present to you what I didn’t like about it. I feel it is my duty to not just sell you on the positives, but to also point out the negatives so you can make the best decision for yourself! That is how you best use your money!

With that said, here are my main issues:

  • Not Everything Is Available: If you want to make Amazon your one-stop-shop for a BodyBoss, it’s not possible. You can get the basic package that comes with two resistance bands. However, if you want more resistance, extra bands are not sold on Amazon, so you have to go to BodyBoss’s website for a separate transaction.
  • Low Weight: While not problem for some, because of the above issue, two bands totaling 60lbs might not be enough weight for some, forcing them to spend more money.
  • Color Issue: Not all the colors available are sold buy BodyBoss. For the Black, Blue, Purple, or Red versions, you need to purchase through other sellers.
  • Price Issue: Most of the available colors are priced under two hundred dollars. For some reason though, the green version is over thirty dollars more before adding nearly another thirty dollars in shipping cost, while the others have free shipping. It’s just strange.
  • Small Door Anchor: If there is one thing that is necessary for safety when using a door anchor, it’s that it stays in place. BodyBoss’s foam door anchor is on the small side (much smaller the Bodylastics version). If you don’t have a big gap between your door and the floor, this isn’t worrisome. If you do, then this anchor might be too small.

A Review Of The Reviews

best neck and back massager

Image by PatternPictures from Pixabay

Now that you know my opinion on what is good and what isn’t, it’s time to check out what others think. My word is only one of many out there (in this case, over a thousand others!), so it is only fair to you to present their opinions as well.

With that said, let’s take a look at the Amazon star breakdown for the BodyBoss 2.0!

Out of 1,071 Total Reviews:

  • 406 5-Star Reviews (63%)
  • 82 4-Star Reviews (16%)
  • 53 3-Star Reviews (7%)
  • 26 2-Star Reviews (5%)
  • 60 1-Star Reviews (8%)

With 79% of the reviews coming in at 4-5 stars, it is clear that many people are incredibly happy with their purchase of this home gym system, giving me the confidence to say that it is likely you will be too!

The Verdict – It’s Boss Time!

The BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 is a great addition to your fitness routine. While it has some shortcomings (doesn’t everything?), I think that the positives far outweigh the negatives and you would do well try it out while we are all stuck inside! You will get a really awesome workout!

Now it’s your turn! What are your thoughts on the BodyBoss 2.0? How does it compare with some of the other resistance bands systems that you have seen (especially the two that I have reviewed)? Do you like how it is set up? Is there a different resistance training product you think I should look at in a future review?

Do you have any funny resistance band accident stories (thankfully I haven’t)?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

If you are ready to take the BodyBoss plunge, make sure you get yours today because they are going fast! Just click on the Amazon picture links below to be taken directly to the purchase page!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me and I will try to help you out to the best of my ability! Tomorrow is a comment day, so if you leave one, I will be getting back to you!

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That’s all for now! As always, God bless and Happy Workouts!