The FITINDEX Bluetooth Body Fat Scale – Body Measurement Made Easy!

The FITINDEX Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

If you have spent any time on this website, then you would know that I am not the type of person who invests a lot of importance in checking your body weight on a scale. While there are benefits, I think people get too hung up on that number staring at them and generalize instead of thinking what it means to THEM personally.

There are so many other body measurements that take precedence over the amount of pounds it says on a scale. Body fat and BMI are much better indicators of a person’s overall health.

Up until now, in order to get these stats, you needed to make an appointment with a specialist, which could get expensive (Check here for a list of ways to measure body composition) or the knowledge and equipment to take skin fold measurements.

Well, that isn’t so anymore thanks to the FITINDEX Bluetooth Body Fat Scale! With this easy and convenient device you can get stats for 13 different body composition measurements and have it synced to your phone! If you think it must be pretty expensive, then keep reading. You will likely be very surprised!

The Overview – What, How Much, And Where To Buy

The FITINDEX Bluetooth Body Fat Scale


The Product: FITINDEX Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

Where to Buy: (For the White version, there is not free shipping, but the Black version INCLUDES free shipping automatically!)

Amazon Star-Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (with 3,685 reviews)

Features and Specs

According to their Facebook page, FITINDEX is a company that is all about creating products that are of amazing quality, yet priced to be budget-friendly. Check out their official website for some more information, though it seems like they are in the midst of some construction. Still, there is some more to read about the scale and other products they sell.

The FITINDEX is not your grand pappy’s scale by a long shot. It is a smart, wireless, Bluetooth enabled, digital scale that has the ability to record your information and send it to your phone so you can keep a record of your stats. How does it do this?

You simply download the FITINDEX app (available for Apple iOS and Android) and sync via Bluetooth 4.0! Additionally, you are able to sync it to the following apps:

Once paired with your choice of apps, the scale can then read 13 different body composition measurements including (Click on any of the links provided for more information on each measurement):

The FITINDEX Bluetooth Body Fat Scale


  • Body Age: How old you are based on your health and fitness, not your actual age.
  • Body Water: The percentage of your body makeup that is water.
  • Basal Metabolism: The rate your body uses energy when at rest.
  • BMI: Your Body Mass Index.
  • Body Fat Percentage: Percentage of your makeup that is fat.
  • Visceral Fat: The fat that is surrounding your internal organs.
  • Fat-Free Body Weight: This is known as your lean body mass or the mass of your muscle, bones, and organs.
  • Body Weight: The amount of pounds or Kilograms you weigh.
  • Muscle Mass: This is the actual size of your muscles.
  • Subcutaneous Fat: The fat that is just under your skin.
  • Skeletal Muscle: Your muscles that are attached to bones and responsible for body movement.
  • Bone Mass: The density of your skeletal bones.
  • Body Protein: The amount of body protein you have.

These measurements are attained the scale’s use of Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis (or BIA). The article I linked in the introduction goes over it in more detail, but the gist is that whatever device you are using sends small electrical impulses through your body.

Muscle and fat transmit those impulses differently, and so you get a reading based off of those differences. It is pretty simple and completely safe!

The FITINDEX scale also can handle an unlimited amount of users, whether by everyone having the appropriate apps on their phones or even through the apps on a single phone.

It is constructed of a tempered glass platform containing four electrodes (that transmit the impulses. You simply step on the scale and it does its thing. FITINDEX comes with batteries already included (it takes three AAA’s)

The max weight the scale can handle is 396lbs, so for most buyers, the weight limit should not be an issue.

Additionally, it is FDA / CE / FCC / and ROHS certificated, so there has been a great deal of testing that has gone into this product to ensure quality and safety.

Lastly, it comes with a 1-year warranty and a 100% customer service satisfaction guarantee!


The FITINDEX Bluetooth Body Fat Scale


Now it is time to look at the good when it comes to the FITINDEX Bluetooth Body Fat Scale and there are many worth mentioning:

  • Multi-Functional: One of my favorite aspects of this product is that its not a one-trick-pony. Most scales only measure your body weight (and in my experience have a hard time doing so accurately!). However, the FITINDEX measures 13 important stats that can really keep you informed of how you are progressing!
  • The Price: For the amount it costs, you are getting a lot of function with this scale. Whenever I purchase something, it has to be more than worth it to me, and this scale fits the bill. Additionally, there is a coupon you can use on Amazon that will help you save an extra 5% off of your purchase! Every little counts, right?
  • Ability to Sync: It is a really nice feature that you can automatically sync the scale to your smart device, therefore organizing your stats (and even those of your family, should they choose to participate) in one, convenient place. Being able to sync to all your health apps, and even Fitbit, is exciting.
  • Simple to Use: Nothing is easier than stepping on to the scale and stepping off when it is done measuring. It only takes a couple of seconds to get a wealth of information.
  • Quality Construction and Features: From the tempered glass platform to the sensitive electrodes and wireless capability, this smart scale is really top-notch. Having the ability to carry nearly 400lbs for something so small is very useful, as well!
  • Fits Your Taste: With two colors to choose from that go with pretty much everything, you won’t have an eyesore wherever you decide to place it.
  • Customer Service: It really seems like the company is interested most in making sure you are happy and taken care of. The warranty and promise of service is a huge win.


The FITINDEX Bluetooth Body Fat Scale


While there are certainly a great many pros of owning a FITINDEX, there are definitely a few qualms I have:

  • Question of Accuracy: The method used to attain the information (Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis, BIA) has been known to be somewhat inaccurate. It can be affected by many things including if you just ate, if you are dehydrated, or you measure yourself at different points of the day.
    • One way around this and to ensure the most accurate readings is to measure yourself at the same time, each time. Therefore, if you measure your stats in the morning, when you first wake up, be sure to always measure at that time. You will get much better readings.
  • Max Weight Doesn’t Really Max Out: While 396lbs is nothing to sneeze at, it does leave those individuals who are above that threshold out in the cold a little. I’m not just talking about the overweight, but also certain people who may be bodybuilders or just naturally bigger wouldn’t be able to use the scale.
  • Different Price Points: It is strange to me that FITINDEX provides two colors of the exact same scale, but at different prices. What is most bothersome about this is that one qualifies for free shipping while the other does not. If a white scale goes with my decor, I have to purchase something along with it to get it shipped for free. It is super-odd.

A Review Of The Reviews

Daily Workout Journal

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

We have finally come to the point in this review where it is once again time to look at public opinion. It’s one thing for me to say that I think this is an absolutely worthwhile purchase, but if 90% of the people are giving it 1-Star, then I either look like I don’t know what I’m talking about, are I’m trying to sell you a bill of goods. I’m not into that!

Therefore we have come to our Amazon Star Rating Breakdown! Take a look!

Out of 3,685 Total Reviews:

  • 2,811 5-Star Reviews (77%)
  • 354 4-Star Reviews (9%)
  • 104 3-Star Reviews (3%)
  • 105 2-Star Reviews (3%)
  • 297 1-Star Reviews (8%)

As you can see, the overwhelming majority of the reviews give the FITINDEX 5-Stars, which gives me great confidence that others are having a really positive experience, and that you would do well to hop on the Smart Scale train.

The Verdict – Worth Its Weight In Gold

The FITINDEX Bluetooth Body Fat Scale


From the features and ease of use to the awesome price and commitment to customer service, the FITINDEX Bluetooth Body Fat Scale is something that should definitely be on the radar of anyone looking to up their progress tracking game.

Get yours TODAY by clicking any one of the links provided and be sure to check out the coupon offer to save yourself a little money!

Now its your turn! What do you think of the FITINDEX? What is your opinion on smart scales in general? Is it something you have used in the past? If so, how was your experience, positive or negative?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please feel free to leave them and any questions you may have for me in the comments below.

If you feel like you know someone who has been looking for one of these or should really take a look at this product, feel free to hit any one of the share buttons on the page spread the word. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Until next time, God bless and happy workouts!