The Takeya Water Bottle – Your New Container Search Is Over

I’m sure you’ve heard it. You’ve probably said it yourself. “I need to drink more water.” That has become such a common phrase these days and there is a lot of truth to it. The question then becomes, “What hydration delivery container will you choose?”

If you take a look online, you are bound to find hundreds of different water bottles to pick from. It’s really hard to know what is top of the line and what needs to be avoided. They all seem the same on the surface. Does it really even matter?

I’ve gone through several kinds of water bottles and all of them have left me wanting and searching for something more.

I had a plastic (BPA free) water bottle that had a great opening for chugging water, but after a while the lid broke and it got kind of weird from the dishwasher.

I’m not into the squirt bottles because I don’t really see much use for looking like a football player while I take a drink at work. Heck, if I’m tired enough, I’d probably miss my mouth and have water dripping down my face and shirt anyway.

I’ve had a metal, insulated bottle that became dented pretty quickly and had a really small opening that seemed to tease me whenever I wanted a large drink of water. Small sips only on that one.

The ones with the straws have always been out to me. If I can’t get inside that straw to clean it, I’ll just be paranoid about drinking mold. It freaks my slightly germaphobe self out.

There was a glass bottle one time whose purpose was to soak my shirt because of poor mouth design (on the part of the bottle, not me). I also was afraid if I looked at it the wrong way it would shatter. Of course, I would be barefoot when that

happened and have to pull a Bruce Willis in Die Hard (It never did happen, thankfully, but that’s because I stopped using it).

I felt as if I would never find the perfect one…until I locked eyes with the Takeya water bottle. I was immediately intrigued. It felt right, so I bought it. The first time I tried it out, I knew my search was

over. I had found my water bottle. I also think you will too after this review is over.

The Overview – What, How Much, And Where To Buy

The Product: Takeya Actives Insulated Stainless Water Bottle

Where to Buy: (with Free Shipping!)

Amazon Star-Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (with 4,337 reviews)

Specs and Features

Takeya is a California based company, with Japanese origin, that specializes in insulated hydration solutions for active people. They have been around in the U.S. since 2008, but 55 years total, internationally. Check out their website for more information as well as their other products, including pitchers and accessories.

The bottles themselves contain a lot of features for keeping your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot for long periods of time. Let’s dive into those:

  • Each bottle is of food grade stainless steel design, double-walled and vacuum insulated to keep your drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours.
  • Not only is the bottle insulated, but the attached lid for the spout is as well. That increases the amount of time your drink stays the perfect temperature. The spout lid screws on and off and is hinged so that you won’t lose it. The lid also features a looped handle for easy carrying.
  • The double walled insulation protects your hands from feeling any hot beverage inside, and also keeps the container from “sweating” condensation both on the bottle itself and the lid.
  • Because there is no plastic in the bottles, you can be assured that they are BPA and toxin-free.
  • The stainless steel design means it won’t transfer flavor to your drinks and it is also resistant to rust.
  • The outside is covered with a double treated powder which not only adds to the bottle’s durability, but also gives it a rougher texture for added grip-ability.
  • The wide mouth of the lid and bottle make them easy to clean as they are not dishwasher safe.
  • The lid is also leak proof as it screws on tight and comes with a rubber stopper on the inside.
  • The Actives line of water bottles comes with a rubber bumper that can attach and detach from the bottom of the bottle. This acts as a shock absorber if dropped, but also makes it quieter to put down. No more loud clanging as you put it on your desk.
  • The bottle lid has a rubber grip on the side that makes it easy to open, even if you hands are sweaty. The spout lid is textured plastic so you can also get a good grip to take a drink.

In addition to all the features above, you haves some size and look options to choose from. I will only be going over the spout lid options. There are straw lids, but as I mentioned before, they creep me out.

Back to the topic at hand though, each size comes some different color options:

  • 18 oz Bottle: Color options include Lilac, Surf, Canary, Blush, Coral, Steel, Pebble, Onyx, Arctic, Teal, and Midnight.
  • 24 oz Bottle: Color options include Lilac, Surf, Canary, Blush, Coral, Steel, Pebble, Onyx, Arctic, Teal, Midnight, Fire, Green and Gold, and Wine.
  • 32 oz Bottle: Color options include Lilac, Surf, Canary, Blush, Coral, Steel, Pebble, Onyx, Arctic, Teal, Midnight, Lime, and Wine.
  • 40 oz Bottle: Lilac, Canary, Blush, Coral, Steel, Pebble, Onyx, Arctic, Teal, and Midnight.
  • 60 oz Bottle: Steel and Onyx.

Now that we have gone over all the features and options, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of purchasing the Takeya water bottle.


The Takeya Water Bottle

Photo by Retha Ferguson from Pexels

I have owned a Takeya water bottle for nearly a month now and as I mentioned in the introduction, I absolutely love it for multiple reasons:

  • Cold As Promised: Just as advertised, my drink is just as cold at the end of the day as it starts at the beginning when I first fill it up. In fact, the insulation is so good that I once put room temperature water in the bottle, put it in the fridge overnight, and the liquid was only marginally colder the next morning…over 8 hours later!
  • No Sweat: Another product of the great insulation is I have yet to experience condensation, either on the bottle or the lid. I have full confidence I can put it in my bag and won’t get everything wet inside.
  • No Spills: The rubber bumper and wider base make it hard to knock over, and even if I did, the screw on spout lid is solid and tight so that nothing leaks out.
  • Great Grip: I love how the coating gives it a rough texture. It really makes it feel more secure in my hand. Additionally, the rubber grip on the lid is not only great for easy opening, but also for holding while taking a drink. The carrying loop, though made of plastic, has held up well so far.
  • Easy To Clean: As I mentioned before, the bottle mouth is wide, making it easy to clean. This is especially true if you have a bottle-specific brush. The lid and spout are also very easy to clean and I haven’t had any major issue yet.
  • No Taste: Most water bottles that I have tried impart at least some kind of taste to mybeverage. I have yet to experience that with this one and it is much appreciated!
  • Perfect Size and Colors: No matter what your preference, there is a size and color for you. I chose the 32 oz bottle and have found that it is big enough that I don’t need to fill it all the time, but still small enough to carry around easily. Most days, I go through about two bottles and one can get me through a full work day. The 18 oz is great for my kids at school.
  • Zero Toxins: It’s extremely comforting to know that no matter what, I’m not ingesting anything that will be harmful to my body when I take a drink. Because it is reusable, you also aren’t using up a bunch of plastic bottles. That’s a win for your health and the environment!
  • Durable and Easy on the Ears: My wife has dropped hers a couple of times and I have not noticed any dents or chipping of the side. The only thing I saw was a small scratch on the lid, but it didn’t affect the performance of the bottle. I also work on hard surfaces, and the bottom bumper really does dull the noise when putting it down.
  • Great Drinkablilty!: Perhaps most important to me is how the water comes out of the bottle. I must say, the flow is perfect. Great for sipping now and then and amazing for chugging after workout, I couldn’t be more satisfied.


The Takeya Water Bottle

Image by Bon Bon from Pixabay

There are only a couple of minor concerns that I have with the Takeya water bottle:

  • Can’t Run With It: If you are taking it along on a walk or hike, you shouldn’t have any problem. However, it is too large to take on a run and sip while going. I don’t normally run with a water bottle anyway, so this isn’t a big concern for me.
  • Larger Size = Cup Holder Issues: The bigger sizes have wider bases, which I have found make them difficult to fit into a car cup holder. This “problem” is increased when you have the extra bumper attached to the bottom. However, since it is leak proof, I have no problem laying it on its side in the car.
  • Lid-Cleaning: I have noticed that my spout and lid sometimes have a smell. While this probably just means I need to do a better job cleaning it, I also wonder if the rubber stoppers in the lids (bottle and spout) can trap moisture and cause the smell.
  • No Dishwasher: Unfortunately, you’re going to have to hand wash these bottles as they are not to be used in the dishwasher. It’s an inconvenience, but a minor one at that since it doesn’t take long to clean.
  • Price: For some, the price of the bottles may be a little steep. Truth be told, it is more likely cheaper to go with a plastic version. However, I think the price is justified because of the quality. Your opinion may vary.

A Review Of The Reviews

A Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

Image by PatternPictures from Pixabay

We have finally come to the point in this review of the Takeya water bottle where it is once again time to look at public opinion. It’s one thing for me to say what I think, but taking a look at the crowd is sometimes extremely helpful, especially because they consumers just like you, who are looking for a quality product.

Therefore, we have come to our Amazon Star-Rating Breakdown! Let’s get to it!

Out of 4,337 Total Reviews:

  • 1,716 5-Star Reviews (84%)
  • 155 4-Star Reviews (7%)
  • 114 3-Star Reviews (4%)
  • 97 2-Star Reviews (2%)
  • 107 1-Star Reviews (3%)

As you can see, the vast majority of the reviews are 5-stars and positive, overall. Therefore, if you don’t want to just take my word for it, have confidence that a huge number of people are incredibly impressed with the product!

The Verdict – Hydration Solution

I love the Takeya water bottle so much! The minor issues that I have noticed do not take away from the day-in-day-out positives I experience while using it. I think it is absolutely worth the price you’re asked to put into it and will make hydrating your day easy and satisfying!

Now it’s your turn! What do you think of the Takeya water bottle? Do you use a different kind that you think I should take a look at? What do you most like and what is something you wish you could change?

As always, if you have any questions for me or just want to comment, leave them down below!

If you are convinced that a Takeya is for you, feel free to click any one of the product links provided to be taken to the page to purchase your own. I am confident you will love it!

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Until next time, God bless and happy hydrating!