The Yamay Smart Watch – More Value Than A Fitness Tracker?

the yamay smart watch

If you are at all familiar with smart watches, you know that they can get pretty expensive. Just browse Apple’s or Samsung’s website and see that you can easily drop anywhere from $200-400! If that’s not in your budget, but you still like the idea of a smart watch, you may want to check out the Yamay Smart Watch.

Now, I have reviewed several fitness tracking devices already on this website. If you want to take a look at the ones I have highlighted, simply follow the links below:

However, this will be the first smart watch I have featured on this website. You may be wondering what the difference is between a fitness tracker and a smart watch, though, and that’s perfectly understandable. I had no idea either! However, in my research, I came across a great article from Consumer Reports that goes over this very topic!

According to Bree Fowler, the author of said article, there are several key differences between the two. The first and most notable one, is that fitness trackers are generally less expensive than smart watches (I say generally because it’s not always the case, as you will see in a bit).

Additionally, smart watches have a greater capacity for apps and features. This is great for those who have a good handle on technology, but for those who don’t, a fitness tracker might be a less complicated option.

The last important difference between the two is that even though many fitness trackers sync with your phone and give you the ability to receive notifications of emails, texts, and phone calls, smart watches allow you to greater ability to interact with these things.

Instead of just reading that you have a notification, smart watches allow you to read and respond to the messages and take the phone calls, even if you don’t have the phone on you. You could say that there is a greater sense of connectivity with a smart watch than with a fitness tracker.

The good news is, Yamay’s smart watch bridges the gap between the two, creating a budget-friendly, yet tech-saavy that may be just what you are looking for. Keep reading to find out how!

The Overview – What And Where To Buy

The Product: The Yamay 023 2020 Version Smart Watch

Where to Buy: (Now on sale for 20% off and available with FREE SHIPPING!)

Amazon Star-Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (with 157 ratings)

The Specs and Features

Yamay is part of the Shenzhen YAMAY Electronics Company, LTD that develops, manufactures, and sells all kinds of wearable smart technology including smart watches, fitness trackers, and Bluetooth headphones.

They pride themselves on their product quality and customer service and are in many major markets, including the United States, Australia, Japan, and Europe.

If you wish to take a closer look at the products that they offer, you can either check out the official Yamay website or their Amazon seller page.

I spoke above about how the 2020 watch bridges the gap between smart watch and fitness tracker. This is due to some really interesting features that are definitely worth taking a look at.

First, like a fitness tracker, the Yamay 023 is able to act as a pedometer. It can also track your burned calories, travel distance, and you quality of sleep (the amount of time slept, as well as the depth). It also has a vibrating alarm should you decide to use it as your wake up call.

Like a fitness tracker, it boasts nine different sport modes that include running, walking, treadmill, hiking, cycling, spinning, yoga, mountaineering, and general fitness (such as weight lifting, calisthenics, or HIIT workouts).

What sets it apart from many fitness trackers is that in addition to tracking your heart rate, this smart watch can also track your blood pressure and blood oxygen levels! These stats can be read right on the watch face and the blood pressure can be tracked over time on the VeryFitPro app. Those who like to track their time will also find both a stopwatch and timer.

Though it doesn’t have swimming as a sport mode, the watch is IP68 waterproof, so you can feel free to take it in the pool with you.

If you are wondering what this means, I found a great article from that explains it in full detail. If you don’t have time to read that, I will summarize it here for you.

The “IP” could either stand for “International Protection Rating” or “Ingress Protection Rating”. The numbers that follow are related to how well protected your device is from dust (the first number) and water (the second number). The higher each number is, the more protection you have.

The Yamay’s code is IP68, which is the highest you can go. On the protection scale, the 6 for dust means it is “dust tight” so you won’t have to worry about any getting inside. The 8 for water means that you can completely submerge the watch without having any harmful effects.

Additionally, in the partnering VeryFitPro app (download for Android / iOS), you will be able to check out stats such as your total exercise time and average heart rate. While we are on the subject of apps and syncing with your phone, the Yamay smart watch works with either iOS 8.0 and above or Android 4.4 and above.

Once you sync it with your phone, you will be able to receive and read text messages, emails, phone calls, app notifications, and calendar alerts. At this time however, you cannot respond to these notifications from the watch. You can however control you music, even if your phone is not on your person.

For the display, it can either be viewed as a digital or analogue watch and features automatically adjustable brightness. Lastly, if you are wondering how long you can look at the large, easily readable display, the battery will last you 7-10 days of constant use and only needs about 2 hours to fully charge (by a magnetic charger which is included).

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Now, back to our regularly scheduled review!

The Pros

the yamay smart watch

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

If you are leaning more toward a smart watch than a fitness tracker, there are a lot of things to like about Yamay’s version. Here are the highlights I found:

  • Wearable Tech Exclusive: The Yamay company deals solely in wearable smart tech. This is a positive because when you focus on one thing, you tend to become an expert. All research and development time is placed into making their wearable tech the best it can be.
  • All The Tracking: No matter what you want to track, the Yamay can do it. It can track steps, sleep, calories, time, distance, and heart rate like a normal tracker, but goes even further by incorporating blood pressure and blood oxygen monitoring! You can also track nine different sports/activities!.
  • No Water Or Dust Here: This watch is sealed shut when it comes to dust or water with a rating of IP68, the highest you can go! For those who are swimmers, the waterproof feature is a must.
  • All The Notifications: Like a fitness tracker, you can receive all your notifications and control your music, but it goes above and beyond by actually letting you read them in full right and take your phone calls from the watch. Having a vibrating alarm feature is also nice when you don’t want your waking up to disturb others.
  • Automatic Brightness: No need to cycle through your watch to change the brightness as the Yamay will automatically recognize the type of lighting it is in and adjust accordingly.
  • Battery Life: With all these features, you might expect the battery life to suffer. However, getting 7-10 days of continuous use out of the watch is amazing! That and the fact that when it runs out, you only need 2 hours to charge, makes this a real winner!
  • Interface For Your Style: I like that you can change from a digital watch face (for when you want to track exercise) to an analogue watch face for everyday activity.
  • Price: Like I said earlier, many smart watches on the market will cost you a pretty penny, leaving those who are tied to a smaller budget out in the cold. However, even at full retail price, you are paying under seventy dollars! The best news is that if you buy now, it is on sale for under sixty! Free shipping is also included!
  • Special Offer: Right now, I’m seeing that purchasing the Yamay 023 also qualifies you for a free 90-day trial of Amazon Music Unlimited. After you purchase, you will get an email with instructions to sign up! Learn more about that by CLICKING HERE!
  • Number 1: Amazon currently lists the 2020 version as their #1 new release in the smart watch category!

The Cons

No product is perfect and I always want to make that clear in every review I do at Get Fit On A Budget! You, as the consumer, deserve to know the good and bad of a product before you spend your hard-earned money. I would never purchase something if I didn’t know everything about it and I don’t expect you to want to either.

Here is what I count in the negative for the Yamay:

  • Read Only: Though you can receive all of your messages and notifications on the watch, you can only read them there. Many smart watches have the ability to let the user respond on the device. That is unfortunately not present here, so you still need to have your phone on hand.
  • Why No Swimming Mode?: You would think that if you make a smart watch to be completely waterproof to the highest standard that one of the sport modes would be swimming, but this doesn’t exist. It’s strange.
  • Lack of Variety: It appears that at this point, their 2020 version is only available in one color: black. Those who prefer a more personalized color in their band won’t find it here.

A Review Of The Reviews

best neck and back massager

Image by PatternPictures from Pixabay

It would seem that the positives far outweigh the negatives, but I always think it is helpful to take the review even more in-depth by looking at what others are saying about a product. That’s why I dedicate a portion of every review to looking at the Amazon Star Rating Breakdown! Here it is for the Yamay 2020:

Out of 157 Total Reviews:

  • 106 5-Star Reviews (74%)
  • 12 4-Star Reviews (9%)
  • 6 3-Star Reviews (5%)
  • 3 2-Star Reviews (3%)
  • 14 1-Star Reviews (9%)

It is really nice to see that 83% of the reviews are either 4 or 5 stars. As this is a relatively new product, I’m sure the amount of reviews will continue to climb, so I will keep my eye on it. However, the early indicators are pointing to this being a really good buy!

The Verdict: Yamay Want To Pick This One Up

Sorry for the silly joke, but all kidding aside, if you are looking to get in on smart watch technology that is extremely functional and stylish, but don’t want to pay the exorbitant prices of a Samsung or Apple watch, the Yamay Smart Watch is a really great choice!

It has most of the features you could want in either a fitness tracker or a smart watch while throwing in some (like the blood pressure and blood oxygen monitoring) that you would never expect at its price point!

If you want to pick up your Yamay watch today, feel free to either click on the product picture in the overview section or the official Amazon picture link at the top of this section!

Now, it’s your turn! What do you think of Yamay’s 2020 version smart watch? Is it comparable to some of the higher end models you’ve seen? What are your favorite features? What do you wish it had that it doesn’t? Is there another budget-friendly smart watch that you think I should look at? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Should you happen to have any questions on the subject, please feel free to leave those as well! I’d be happy to answer you the best I can!

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