TRIBE Resistance Bands – Better Than The Best?

TRIBE resistance bands

If you know anything about me, you know that I am a big fan of resistance band training. The smooth motion, the versatility, and the portability make them perfect for any home gym that is tight on space and budget. I have had tremendous success with them, gaining over 20 lbs of muscle in a little over a year with consistent training!

Before I bought my absolute favorite set of resistance bands, I did a lot of research. One of those brands that I researched was a set of TRIBE Resistance Bands.

Now, I already have a piece of TRIBE equipment that I love! Their cell phone armband holder has truly revolutionized my run game. For that reason, I was incredibly interested in other fitness equipment that they offer. That’s how I stumbled upon their resistance bands.

However, I had to know if they were going to be better than my tried and true Bodylastics bands. That’s why I dove into some more research and what follows is the fruit of that labor!

The Overview – What, How Much, And Where To Buy

The Product: TRIBE Resistance Bands

Where to Buy:

Amazon Star-Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (with 5,119 reviews)

Specs and Features

TRIBE resistance bands

Photo by Geert Pieters on Unsplash

I have already done a brief overview of the TRIBE Fitness Company in my cell phone armband holder review, but in case you missed it, allow me to give the information again.

TRIBE is a fitness apparel company that specializes in a few different areas to enhance your workout. They design and sell Cell phone armbands, resistance bands, as well as athletic clothing. On their website, they claim to “innovate the fitness industry with quality technology.”

Check out their website for more information by CLICKING HERE!

As for the bands themselves, two materials go into making them, creating a double layer of natural, elastic, Malaysian latex and tough, durable silicon. It is because of these materials that TRIBE makes an “Anti-Snap promise”.

Additionally, the bands are stackable, meaning you can add and remove bands from the handles to change the amount of resistance with a simple clip or unclip.

There are a two options when it comes to choosing your set of resistance bands and each set comes with a few standard accessories:

  • 10 Piece LITE Thearapy Series:
    • Maximum stacked weight of 45lbs
    • 3 bands of 5, 15, and 25lbs
    • 2 cushioned handles
    • 2 ankle straps
    • 1 door anchor
    • 1 waterproof carrying bag
    • 1 instruction sheet for downloading a free E-book with exercises
  • 12 Piece Pro Series:
    • Maximum stacked weight of 105lbs
    • 5 bands of 5, 15, 20, 30, and 35lbs
    • 2 cushioned handles
    • 2 ankle straps
    • 1 door anchor
    • 1 waterproof carrying bag
    • 1 instruction sheet for downloading a free E-book with exercises


On the surface, there is a lot to like here:

  • Trustworthy: TRIBE is a reputable, U.S. based company that is trusted for making high quality products for the budget-minded fitness enthusiast. This is evident by their customer service pledge to either replace your bands or refund your money if you are not satisfied.
  • Quality: The bands themselves are made of high-quality materials known for their strength, elasticity, and durability. Nothing is worse than purchasing something that is of poor quality, is going to break, and then you can’t get a replacement or your money! Thankfully, they seem really on point with this.
  • Decent Max Weight: This is especially true of the Pro series. For a lot of people, 105lbs is certainly nothing to sneeze at.
  • Room To Grow: Because the bands are stackable, you have the ability to start low with your weight and gradually add on. It is really important to have options for your progression.
  • Versatile: This is my general opinion of resistance bands, but I find that you can pretty much do any type of exercise with them. When you include a door anchor and ankle straps, it really becomes a home gym in a small package.


TRIBE resistance bands

Photo by Lindsey Saenz on Unsplash

Looking a little deeper into the product, there are a few glaring issues for me that make me confident in my choice to go with Bodylastics rather than these bands in particular. Therefore, each of these cons is going to compare to the Bodylastics bands, because I think they are the industry standard.

With that said, here are my issues with TRIBE’s Resistance Bands:

  • Durable, but truly “Anti-Snap”?: Bodylastics is made of the same materials except for one major difference. One of the key safety feature of the Bodylastics bands is an inner safety cord that actually prevents you from stretching the bands too far. Additionally, it helps prevent the cord from whipping at your face in the rare event the band does break.
    • The TRIBE Resistance Bands do not feature this inner safety cord, so it is feasible that you may be able to stretch them too far. I’m a guy who likes effective AND safe.
  • Not Many Weight Options: TRIBE offers only two weight options. Youare either looking at a max weight of 45 or 105lbs. That’s big. Bodylastics, on the other hand, has six max weight options at 96, 142, 202, 262, 404, and 524lbs! Whether you are looking for some light therapy or serious weight lifting, they have an option for you.
  • Weight Jumps Are Big: TRIBE’s bands have weights of 5, 15, 20, 30, and 35lbs. The jump from 5-15 is big and might be too much for some. Bodylastics progressions are more gradual with the comparable set being 3, 5, 8, 13, 19, and 23. More gradual progression will lead to better success and less frustration.
  • Small Door Anchor: TRIBE”s door anchor is a little on the small side, especially when compared to Bodylastics. This becomes a problem there is more space than usual between the bottom of your door and the floor (like in my apartment). A thicker door anchor reduces the risk of it slipping out while under tension. Another safety feature!
  • Ugly Pictures of Amazon: At first glance, the TRIBE bands have great reviews. I looked at the “Customer Images” section on Amazon however, and was extremely concerned with all the snapped band pictures. Now, the middle of the band wasn’t snapped, but where it attaches to the clips was. Some people had welts where broken bands hit them!
  • Free Shipping… If Only: The free shipping label is a little misleading. TRIBE’s bands don’t all qualify for Free Shipping because of their price.

A Review Of The Reviews

Daily Workout Journal

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Let’s take a look at the Amazon Star Rating Breakdown!

Out of 5,119 Total Reviews:

  • 3,216 5-Star Reviews (81%)
  • 518 4-Star Reviews (11%)
  • 116 3-Star Reviews (3%)
  • 81 2-Star Reviews (1%)
  • 189 1-Star Reviews (3%)

Keep in mind that even though there are a high number of 5-star reviews, it seems like people have had trouble with them snapping mid-workout and injuring a few. Of course there could be user error mixed in, however I don’t see this type of thing happening as much in the Bodylastics reviews.

Certainly, there were no pictures of people with welts and bruises from snapped bands because of the inner safety cord. From personal experience, I have used Bodylastics pretty consistently for almost, if not over, 5 years. I’ve had exactly ONE band break, and that was due to my own error in storing it. Other than that, they have more than paid for themselves!

The Verdict – Good, But There Is Better

All in all, I cannot give my wholehearted endorsement to these TRIBE Resistance Bands. There are a few reasons why, but the main one is that I truly think (and this is from personal experience) that Bodylastics does everything that TRIBE is doing, but better. In fact, they even go beyond what TRIBE is doing.

If you are going to spend money on resistance bands, you might as well get the best. If you need further convincing, head on over to my full Bodylastics Resistance Bands review for all the details!

Now, it’s your turn. What are your thoughts on the TRIBE Resistance Bands? Do you have any experience with them or any other brand of bands? How did it go for you? Let me hear your success stories! In addition, do you have a story of a band breaking on you that you’d like to share?

Let me know in the comments below and as always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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Until next time, God bless and happy workouts!