Weekly Workout Schedule Template: Week 10

one arm plank

Welcome back everyone! We have arrived! This is the very last week of the stability training portion of our weekly workout schedule template! If you have made it this far, my hope is that you are starting to notice the results of partaking in a regular exercise routine!

Before we get started, I have to apologize for not posting this over this past weekend as I normally do. There were some family medical events that were unexpected and I just never got the chance to sit down and write this out. I guess it just goes to show that anyone can experience a setback now and then.

If you missed any of the other weeks or just want to read up on the whole series, check out any of the following links:

With that, let’s get started on this milestone week!

Cardio Training For Week 10

women running

Image by Roy Buri from Pixabay

*As always, any of the following information should be used with caution, assuming that any exercise comes with inherent risk of injury. Participation in this exercise routine is voluntary and therefore the liability for possible injury suffered as a result lies with the participant. Before beginning ANY exercise routine, please consult a physician to see if you are physically able to participate in an exercise program.

While we may be winding down (but ramping up the difficulty) our Stability training portion of the program, our cardio will still be going strong and consistent for another week! We are continuing to gradually increase the amount of time we spend running and as we approach the 10-minute mark (due to hit next week!), we are going to switch things up a bit.

However, for this week, we are going to take our 2-minutes walking / 8-minutes jogging split and inch it in opposite directions one more time! That means our new split will be 1-minute of walking and 9-minutes of jogging! Therefore, your cardio days will look something like this:

Day 1: Walk at a brisk pace for 1 minute / Lightly jog for 9 minutes (3-sets).

Day 2: Walk at a brisk pace for 1 minute / Lightly jog for 9 minutes (3-sets).

Day 3: Walk at a brisk pace for 1 minute / Lightly jog for 9 minutes (3-sets).

There are a couple of things to note, now that our walking is greatly diminished, this makes warming up increasingly important. As I always mention later on when we sum up the entire schedule, precede your cardio workout with at least 5-minutes of brisk walking to get your muscles warm and your body acclimated to the movement it is about to undertake.

Your risk of injury will go way down and your performance will definitely benefit!

Secondly, you are probably starting to wonder how much this is benefiting you. As in previous weeks, I will point you in the direction of our budget-friendly Fitness Tracker review! This is a great little tool to help you track your heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled, etc.

Stability Exercises For Week 10

I hope you are ready. Last week was definitely a challenge. However, our last Stability Training week is going to put all that strength you have been working on and gaining over the past 9 weeks to the test! I think you are up to the task, so let’s stop the talking and get to the exercises!

  • Lateral Crawl with T-Stabilization (3 sets / 12 repetitions):

Lateral crawl t-stabilization

    • This is the step up from last week’s lateral crawl.
    • Come into the full plank position, leaving enough room to move on both your left and right side.
    • Breathing normally, but contracting your abdominal muscles by pulling them toward the spine, crawl sideways to the right or left for two “steps”.
    • At the end of the second step, shift your body into the T-Stabilization position (from Week 5).
    • Place both hands back down on the floor and crawl two “steps” in the opposite direction before once again shifting into the T-Stabilization position.
    • Repeat until you complete a total of 12 repetitions (six on each side).
  • Swimming (3 sets / 12 repetitions):

man Swimming man swimming

    • Lay flat on your stomach in the prone position.
    • Keeping your belly button pulled into the spine, come into the Superman pose from last week.
    • Only this time, once in Superman pose, you are going to move your opposite arms and opposite legs up and down in a “swimming” motion.
    • Repeat until the full motion is completed for 12 repetitions.
  • Extension Crunches (3 sets / 12 repetitions):

man doing crunches man doing crunches

    • Sitting upright with your knees bend and feet on the ground, rock back until your feet leave the floor and you are balanced on your glutes, making sure to keep your abdominal strong.
    • Inhale while you simultaneously stretch our your legs and lean back with your upper body until you are fully extended.
    • Exhale and pull everything back to center.
    • Repeat this movement for 12 repetitions.
  • Windshield Wipers (3 sets / 12 repetitions):

man doing windshield wipers man doing windshield wipers

    • Make sure you have plenty of room to your right and left.
    • Lie flat on your back with both arms stretched out to the side. Lift the legs until they are perpendicular to the floor and pull your belly button into your spine.
    • Gently lower your legs, as you inhale, to one side until they almost touch the ground, being careful to keep your shoulders as glued to the floor as possible. You want the movement to be in the hips, not the upper body.
    • Exhale and raise them back up to center before repeating on the other side.
    • Continue until each side has had 12 repetitions.
  • Squat Walk (3 sets / 12 repetitions):

man doing squat walk man doing squat walk

    • Come down into the squat position, pull the belly button into the spine, and breathe normally.
    • Walk four small steps forward before walking four small steps backward to complete 1 repetition.
    • Repeat this movement until all 12 repetitions are accomplished (if you need to take a break for a second, go ahead and do so. You will seem me demonstrate this in this week’s workout video).
  • Left and Right Single Arm Plank (3 sets / 30 second hold for each arm):

one arm plank

    • Come to a full plank position, only keeping your feet shoulder width apart or more this time.
    • Pull the belly button into the spine and carefully remove one hand from the floor and place it behind your back.
    • Hold the plank for 30 seconds before gently placing the hand back on the floor.
    • Immediately place the other hand behind your back and hold for another 30 seconds.
    • Bring the hand gently down to the floor.

Week 10 Workout Video

Put on some motivating music, because this one is going to be tough! Check it out!

Put It Together – Your Week 10 Schedule

Monday: 5 Minute Walking Warm-up / 1-Minute Brisk Walking – 9-Minutes Jogging (3 sets, totaling 30 minutes).

Tuesday: 5-Minute Light Warm-up / Stability Training Video (3 sets).

Wednesday: 5 Minute Walking Warm-up / 1-Minute Brisk Walking – 9-Minutes Jogging (3 sets, totaling 30 minutes).

Thursday: 5-Minute Light Warm-up / Stability Training Video (3 sets).

Friday: 5 Minute Walking Warm-up / 1-Minute Brisk Walking – 9-Minutes Jogging (3 sets, totaling 30 minutes).

Saturday: 5-Minute Light Warm-up / Stability Training Video (3 sets).

Sunday: Either completely OFF or perform a full body stretch.

Wrap Up

Well everyone, that is going to wrap up the Stability Training portion of our program! I hope you have had as much fun and challenge as I have. I also hope you have proved to yourself that you can accomplish great things if you set your mind to them and practice!

Next week, we are going to be introducing some big changes to this weekly workout schedule template. There is going to be a shift in the timing of our cardio as well as the first week of our Functional Training program! I hope you are as excited as I am!

Let me know what you think of this workout in the comments below! I’d love to hear if you have any questions and I will do my very best to answer them promptly…unless life gets in the way again, or course! If you need modifications and help, feel free to ask!

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I hope to see you next week for our ending assessment week! Stay safe when balancing everyone and have a great week of workouts!

Thanks so much. Have a great week everyone! Let’s do this!

As always, God Bless and Happy Workouts!