What Is A Battle Rope? And Which One Should You Get?

What Is A Battle Rope

If you are like me when I first heard the term, you are probably asking, “What is a battle rope?” Are we talking about some ancient weapon people used to club each other? Is it something used to pull down walls or castle gates? Well, not exactly. It is, however, a tool that could kick your HIIT workouts into overdrive.

Battle ropes are basically just that…ropes. However, these are not thin like jump ropes (although if you want to check out a really awesome set of those, I highly recommend you read my review on Crossropes!), but rather thicker, heavier, and longer.

The concept is relatively simple as is the execution of a workout. You merely wrap the rope around a sturdy object (such as a pole or tree), or use an anchor, and perform various movements. Yet, as uncomplicated as the system is, there are some amazing benefits to reap.

According to personal trainer, Steve Lutsk (writing for Muscleropes.com), there are several reasons why battle ropes are a great addition to your overall workout routine. The first of these has to do with their effectiveness. Because you include battle ropes in HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts, you burn an insane amount of calories in a short time.

Additionally, you can cater your workout to any fitness level, keep it low-impact, and still work multiple muscle groups at the same time, increasing your calorie burn.

Not only is this great for burning fat, but it also means you are done earlier while getting in both your cardio and strength workouts at the same time. Additionally, battle ropes are incredibly versatile in that you can really work out with them anywhere. Whether inside or out, you just need enough room to spread them out.

According to Evofitness, battle ropes also have the capability of helping you improve your mobility and lessen your chance in injury while performing workouts.

Now that you have a clearer picture of why battle ropes can be an effective addition to your workout, you might be wondering which type might be the best to purchase. There are a ton of them out on the market, so what makes one preferable to another?

I think I have found the answer in Pro Battle Ropes from Profect Sports.

The Overview – What And Where To Buy

The Product: Pro Battle Ropes with Anchor Strap Kit

Where to Buy: Amazon.com (with FREE SHIPPING on all versions!)

Amazon Star-Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (with 637 reviews)

The Specs and Features

What Is A Battle Rope

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Pro Battle Ropes are a product from the Profect Sports company, a family-owned small business that focuses on strength, speed, and agility products. When they started, Profect Sports set out to make fitness equipment that was of a higher quality and more durable than the competition.

They want their customers to have the best experience possible when using their products. That’s also why each piece of their equipment comes with a full, money-back guarantee. If you don’t like what you are using, then you can either send it back for a replacement for a full refund of your money.

To read more about Profect Sports, their background, and their values, check out their “About” page.

As for the Pro Battle Ropes themselves, this dedication to quality and durability can be seen in their features. First of all, they have several lengths and diameters to chose from including:

  • 1.5 inch in diameter at 30 feet long
  • 1.5 inch in diameter at 40 feet long
  • 1.5 inch in diameter at 50 feet long
  • 2 inches in diameter at 30 feet long
  • 2 inches in diameter at 40 feet long
  • 2 inches in diameter at 50 feet long

Something to remember is that the thicker and longer your rope is the heavier and more difficult to move it will be. This increases the challenge of the workout, so choose accordingly. A great article about this subject can be found at Dark Iron Fitness, so check that out.

Pro Battle Ropes are made of a high-quality rope that is covered in an upgraded DuraMax sleeve to prevent fraying and wear. Additionally, the handles of the ropes are extra long and coated for the most durability and ease of use.

In case you can’t find a good place to use the ropes on their own, the package also comes with two heavy-duty anchor straps complete with stainless steel carabiners, allowing you to truly work out anywhere.

To get a better idea of just how many types of exercises you can do with battle ropes, check out the video below, which highlights 45 different movements!

The Pros

There is truly a great deal that I like about Pro Battle Ropes, but here is my list of highlights to pay special attention to:

  • Great Workout: Not only will you build strength, but by using the ropes, you will take full advantage of HIIT training and burn through calories and fat at an incredible rate! Just check out the video at the end of this section for a great workout that can be completed in just 10 minutes!
  • Less Time: HIIT workouts with battle ropes allow you to get more done in less time, which as a father of three young kids, I really appreciate. More time with family is always a plus in my book.
  • Exercise Variety: Like the above video showed, there is a ton you can do with the ropes to keep things fresh and motivating. You can mix and match moves or incorporate a battle rope station into an overall interval workout. The possibilities are nearly endless!
  • Variable Sizes: No matter what your fitness level or goals, Profect Sports provides a rope size that will fit you.
  • Durability: I love the fact that the ropes have a protective sleeve. That really gives me peace-of-mind should I need to work out in a place that would normally be rough on the equipment. Like with one of my favorite pieces of fitness equipment (Bodylastics), thought has really gone in to safety and durability of the actual product.
  • Safety: I briefly mentioned this in the previous point, but the addition of the large coated handles also brings a measure of safety in that they provide a sure, no-slip, grip during even the most intense workouts.
  • Two Anchors: The inclusion of not one, but two durable anchors is great since it opens up even more possibilities of places you can use the ropes for working out. I like that you don’t have to be confined to inside with these ropes!
  • Amazon’s Choice Product: These particular ropes have received the “Amazon’s Choice” label for high quality and competitively priced products.
  • Price: For the durability and quality, especially when comparing to other brands out there, the price isn’t all that steep. Additionally, Profect Sports is offering a 10% discount if you order two or more ropes of any mixed or matched size! Just use the promo code “2PROROPE” at checkout! Free shipping is also available on any size!
  • Money-Back: I love it when companies have such confidence in their products that they will gladly give you a replacement or your money back if you aren’t satisfied. That’s telling!

The Cons

No review of any product here on Get Fit On A Budget would be complete if I didn’t go over what I thought were the cons of making a purchase. I know I always look for them when I research a product to buy, so it is only fair to include them in my reviews. You are trying to get the best use out of your money, after all!

Though the list is short, here is what I see as potential pitfalls:

  • Price: Though even the most expensive rope is still under three hundred dollars, that still could be it, budget-wise, for some consumers. Though the quality and durability make Pro Battle Ropes worth every penny, it may be a few pennies too much.
  • Limited Space: For those who live in smaller homes or apartments, you may not be able to use them indoors. In good weather, this is fine. However, if this is your situation and it’s either the middle of winter or a rainy day when you can’t use them outside, you are pretty much out of luck.
  • No Carrying Case: Though it’s not necessarily a huge deal, it might have been nice to be given a bag of some sort to make it easier to transport the ropes.

A Review Of The Reviews

best neck and back massager

Image by PatternPictures from Pixabay

Now that you know my opinion on what is good and what isn’t, let’s take a look at public opinion. I always like to give the consensus on any product that I can because I think it gives a better overall picture of what you are purchasing. These people are consumers, just like you, so their experience is valuable in making your own decision!

With that said, let’s take a look at the Amazon star breakdown for the Pro Battle Ropes!

Out of 637 Total Reviews:

  • 231 5-Star Reviews (84%)
  • 20 4-Star Reviews (9%)
  • 7 3-Star Reviews (3%)
  • 5 2-Star Reviews (1%)
  • 9 1-Star Reviews (3%)

With 93% of the reviews coming in at 4-5 stars, it is pretty clear that the vast majority of people who have purchased these ropes are more than satisfied with their purchase. I have a feeling that you will be too!

The Verdict – Time To Go To Battle

What is a battle rope? In my opinion, it’s a versatile way to get a great HIIT workout in, build strength, endurance, and burn a lot of fat and calories at the same time. Which would I recommend? Definitely take a look at Pro Battle Ropes from Profect Sports. I really think that you can’t beat their commitment quality, durability, price, and customer satisfaction!

Now, it’s your turn! What do you think of these Pro Battle Ropes? What do you like? What do you dislike? What is your opinion on battle ropes in general? Have you used them and what was your experience like? I’d love to hear about it as well as what your favorite battle rope exercises are! Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Should you feel you are ready to make a purchase, feel free to click Amazon picture link below to be taken directly to the correct page.

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