What Is Active Advantage? A Must For The Sports Enthusiast!

What Is Active Advantage?

Are you someone who likes to participate in local races? Having you been looking to get more involved in fitness, but find equipment too expensive? Do you enjoy getting discounts on travel and hotels? If so, then you need to take a look at singing up for Active Advantage! What is Active Advantage? That’s what this review hopes to answer!

At Get Fit On A Budget, my goal is always to find you the best deals on the best quality sports equipment, services, and opportunities. I don’t think you should have to be wealthy in order to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

I’m sure a lot of people (maybe even you) are like me. They enjoy fitness, they enjoy running, and would like to get more involved. However, the thing that has caused me to balk in the past has always been the price. Gym memberships, events, and equipment can get really expensive, especially if you want to make it more than a once in a while type of thing.

That’s why I am so glad that I found Active.com. For anyone who shares my experience above, I think this is a service that can be super helpful toward reaching your fitness goals and finding new communities of people just like you!

Keep reading to find out all the details!

What Is Active? A Little Background

What Is Active Advantage?

Image by Mabel Amber from Pixabay

Active is actually part of the Active Network. Their goal is to make the world a “more active place”. They describe themselves as an online community that includes millions of visitors looking to get more involved in fitness and local events.

Consider it a hub that will help you find and register for events, races, classes, camps, and more that I will go into a little later.

Not only can you participate in local happenings, but Active is passionate about education as well. That is why they are constantly publishing articles that include tips, training plans, and ideas on all types of fitness activities including running, cycling, nutrition, etc.

Additionally, you can sign up for their newsletter, which can clue you in to local events, product reviews, etc.

Lastly, and what I will be focusing on, is the Active Advantage program that they offer. Like I said above, if you are interested in saving a ton of money on equipment and even participation, you are going to want to consider it.

Save Over $1,000 On Race Entries, New Gear, Camping, & Hotels With Active Advantage! Sign-Up & Receive your First Month For Only $1! 

What Is Active Advantage? Why Do I Need It?

Active Advantage is the Active Network’s premium membership. While you are able to access their articles, newsletter, and other information without becoming a premium member, there are some amazing benefits to joining.

With the premium membership you can expect to get:

  • $50 off new shoes from Roadrunner Sports: Are your old shoes worn out? As a member of Active Advantage, you can expect to get $50 towards a new pair from Roadrunner Sports.
  • Waived Fees and 3rd Race Free: If you sign up for at least two races each year, then you can get your processing fees waived up to $10 each time and your third race is totally FREE!
  • GearUp: If you are not a fan of Roadrunner Sports’ shoe selection, you can still save up to an additional 15% on already reduced prices for brands like Asics, Mizuno, UnderArmour, and more!
  • Free Socks: Active has teamed up with PRO Compression to give you the choice of one free pair of over the calf of ankle length compression socks.
  • Date Night Incentive: Active is partners with Restaurants.com and is offering a free $50 gift card to use on it as well as a free movie rental from FandangoNOW.
  • Travel Discounts: Want to run a race in a different state? Working with Lucid Travel, you will be able to save anywhere from 20-50% on travel expenses including airfare, hotels, etc.
  • TheTixFix: Every month, you can enjoy a $50 credit for tickets to events purchased through TheTixFix.com.
  • Free Training Session: Members are able to claim one free personal training session with a participating gym.
  • Free Magazine Subscription: For one year, Active members can enjoy a free subscription to one of various magazines including Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Shape, Runner’s World, and more.
  • Beer Or Wine Tasting: Members are eligible to participate in one free beer or wine tasting (I believe each year you are a member!).
  • Discount Pizza: 25% off regularly priced items at Papa John’s.
  • Additional Discounts and Perks: Check out the full list below to find out everything else that is included. In all, they estimate that if you take full advantage of what they have to offer, you could save nearly $900 in your first year!
What Is Active Advantage?

Screenshot from Active.com

The Pros – What I Like


There are a huge amount of benefits to signing up for the Active Advantage. From discounts to free offers, there is so much to look into. Here are my highlights:

  • Free Offers: From the socks to the free third race, magazine subscription and personal training session, you are getting a lot included in your membership at no extra cost. They also offer a free state fishing license up to $25!
  • Tons of Information: With plenty of tips and articles published by well-known and reliable health sources, you are not only going to get interesting reads, but also gain the knowledge to make your fitness journey a fun and effective one!
  • Steep Discounts: Whether it’s money towards new shoes or extra discounts on already discounted gear from the top brands, you will be saving a lot of money and the membership will pay for itself rather quickly.
  • Gift Cards: The free gift cards are awesome and if you are someone who likes to attend a lot of events like concerts and shows, the $50 credit every month of the year is a huge incentive!
  • Makes Travel Easier: Getting discounts on travel means you can focus more on enjoying yourself rather than figuring out how you are going to pay for it all.
  • Rebates: Getting rebates on things like events and campgrounds means more money stays in your pocket while you get to enjoy more!
  • Easy Event Planning: Active has a full database of various events, races, sports camps, kids camps, and more that you can both search through and register for right from the website! It’s incredibly simple to put your plans in motion!
  • The Price: You might think that all of this would cost hundreds of dollars with the amount of perks you get. However, when you sign up (click the banners on this page), your first trial month costs you only $0.99! That’s right. Try it out for under a dollar! After that? It’s only $89.95 to extend that trial for a full year! That’s crazy cheap!

The Cons – Things To Consider Before Signing Up

What Is Active Advantage?

Image by Ben Frieden from Pixabay

While there are a huge amount of great perks and discounts to take advantage of, there are definitely some things to look at more in depth that you should know before diving in. Here is what I found:

  • Potential To Waste: Like a gym membership, the Active Advantage program is really only worth it if you use it. While it’s not a steep charge, it’s still $89.95.
  • Some Perks Won’t Last: Certain benefits like the restaurant gift card are a one time use while the magazine subscription would need to be renewed and paid for by you once it runs out.
  • Really? Papa John’s?: For a site that is trying to promote an active and healthy lifestyle, I would think you could do better and healthier than Papa John’s. That’s just me, though.

What Is Active Advantage? Is It For You?

I hope that this review has helped answer the question, “What is Active Advantage”. To me, when they say “advantage”, they mean it! From the awesome perks and discounts to the easy activity registration and travel planning, you are certainly capable of getting your money’s worth if you actively use the service.

Whether you are active already or are looking for a way to become more active, the Active Advantage program is definitely for you! If you wish to sign up for your $0.99 month-long trial, click on any of the banners provided in this post!


As a bonus, if you have signed up for the Honey Browser Extension (click the link for my full review and sign up to start saving and earning towards free gift cards!), you will be eligible to receive 200-500 in gold reward points! That makes the deal even sweeter!

Now, it’s your turn! What do you think of the Active Advantage membership program? Is it something that you could see yourself taking advantage (no pun intended) of? Do you have any experience with using the Active Advantage? What do you think of the price?

Let me know what you think about these questions, or any other thoughts you may have, in the comments below!

If you have any further questions about the program, please feel free to ask me! I’d be more than happy to try to help your out further!

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