What Is The Best Power Tower? – The Stamina X with VKR

what is the best power tower

If you are serious about bodyweight exercise, then you need to start looking into Power Towers. These fitness beasts can help you take your strength training to the next level. However, there are so many out there, you may be asking, “What is the best Power Tower?”

Well that’s why it’s a great thing you are here right now, because I have done the research and I don’t think you can find a better tower for your hard-earned money than the Stamina X Power Tower with VKR (Vertical Knee Raise). It has the potential to be your one-stop station for all things upper body.

Keep reading to check out all details of this incredibly versatile piece of equipment!

The Overview – What, How Much, And Where To Buy

The Product: The Stamina X with VKR Power Tower

Where to Buy: Amazon.com (with Free Shipping and at nearly half cost of the same product on Stamina’s website)

Amazon Star-Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (with 1,678 reviews)

Specs and Features – What You Can Expect

what is the best power tower

Credit: Stamina Products Inc.

Stamina Products Inc. is a fitness equipment company that has been around since 1987. They have prided themselves on creating products that not only are effective, but friendly to their customer’s wallets.

Their products are featured in a number of online, brick-and-mortar, and TV retailers. They have developed products with some of the biggest names in the fitness industry including Body By Jake, Suzanne Sommers, Tony Little, Gold’s Gym, and Lotus, just to name a few.

They have also developed an affordable AeroPilates line of products, which makes a previously unattainable piece of equipment (unless you are super-wealthy) now available to those on a budget.

Check out their About Us page to read up more on their company and what they stand for. Additionally, check out their full website to learn more about the various equipment that they offer!

As you may know already, I am a big fan of this company. I reviewed one of their other products previously, the Stamina Body Track Glider 1050 Rowing Machine, and was so impressed with the quality and affordability! This one is no different!

The Stamina X with VKR Power Tower itself allows you the ability to do many bodyweight exercises and has some impressive features:

  • Built to Last: The Stamina X is constructed out of solid steel that can hold a maximum of 250lbs.
  • Padded Support: The tower includes durable, padded hand grips for a more comfortable workout, while easy-to-clean padding is given to support your forearms and back during knee raises.
  • Multiple Exercises: Expect to be able to do multiple grip positions for Pull-Ups, Chin-Ups, and Push-Ups, as well as Triceps Dips, Sit-Ups, and Vertical Knee Raises.
  • Free Help: According to Stamina’s website, even if you purchase their product from another retailer, you can call them for assembly assistance and/or about a missing/damaged part.

The Pros

what is the best power tower

Credit: Stamina Products Inc.

I am a huge fan of bodyweight exercise, so anything that makes that more effective and achievable is great. There are a ton of positives I see in the Stamina X with VKR Power Tower:

  • Safe: I looked all over for affordable ways of doing pull-ups and chin-ups at home. I had so many safety reservations (both for me and my home) about those pull-up bars that attach to the top of your door frame. The Stamina X is well-constructed and stable to alleviate those fears! Helpful padding also supports you in all the right places!
  • Space-Saving: This is one piece of equipment you aren’t going to need a whole room to store. While it doesn’t fold up and pack away, it’s footprint is relatively small for all that it does at 49 x 42.5 x 81 inches. It’s perfect for a tall basement or garage (or exercise room, should you be so fortunate!)
  • Affordable: Especially if you purchase the Tower on the Amazon link I provide, as it will save you nearly half the retail price as listed on Stamina’s own website! Again, for all the exercises you can do, it will more than pay for itself.
  • Versatile: Having the ability to do all the exercises available in one space is really going to make getting stronger extremely within reach. There are so many benefits to these exercises! Let’s look at a few:
    • Pull-ups and chin-ups: According to Livestrong.com, these are great exercises for building total upper body and grip strength as you activate multiple muscle groups and joints to perform them (especially pull-ups).
    • Push-Ups: I love push-ups and enjoy finding new ways to up their challenge (check out my review of the Perfect Pushup Elite as evidence). Push-ups are capable of activating many muscle groups to not only perform the movement, but stabilizing muscles in the core, glutes, and legs as well. See Livestrong.com for even more benefits!
    • Triceps Dips: You may start to notice a pattern here, but dips are capable of working multiple muscle groups in the upper body at the same time. In addition to the triceps, you are getting a great shoulder workout and using your core to stabilize! Read more about the benefits of triceps dips here!
    • Vertical Knee Raises/Leg Lifts: If you want to target your core (specifically the abdominal region), this is one of the best exercises you can do. It specifically targets the rectus abdominus (responsible for the visible six-pack) and the hip flexors, giving you tone and stability. Read more about the benefits of vertical knee raises here!
  • Customer Service: I really appreciate the fact that Stamina wants you to have the best customer experience possible. Being able to call them up, even if you didn’t purchase a product from their website, and ask questions about assembly and parts is a really big plus that shows they care.

The Cons

what is the best power tower

Credit: Stamina Products Inc.

As always, I like to give both sides of the story so that you get the most honest opinion in order to make a more informed purchasing decision. While there aren’t many cons with the Stamina X with VKR Power Tower, I did come across a couple of concerns.

  • Height: At 81 inches tall, this may not be perfect for use in a basement or room that doesn’t have appropriate ceiling height. You would need at lease 8 feet for proper head clearance when doing pull-ups or chin-ups.
  • Apartments May Be Excluded: This piece of equipment is perfect if you have an exercise room, a basement with the proper height, or a garage. However, while its footprint is on the smaller side, it can’t fold up for storage or be stashed in a corner like some other equipment. You will need a dedicated space for that.
  • Floor Scratching: It would be advisable to either use the tower with carpet or some type of rubber padding underneath as it does not have protective coverings on the bottom. It would also be better for your back should you choose to use the tower for sit-ups. Check out some affordable floor protection here!

A Review Of The Reviews

what is the best power tower

Image by PatternPictures from Pixabay

It’s one thing to take my word for it, but I always like to provide a look at how others have viewed a product. Therefore, here is the Amazon star breakdown for the Stamina X with VKR Power Tower:

Out of 1,678 Total Reviews:

  • 984 5-Star Reviews (70%)
  • 298 4-Star Reviews (16%)
  • 73 3-Star Reviews (7%)
  • 35 2-Star Reviews (4%)
  • 41 1-Star Reviews (4%)

I like to review products that have a lot of reviews because I think it gives a better cross-section overall of the consensus. For the Stamina X Power Tower, it is overwhelmingly positive (86% of reviews are 4 or 5 stars!), giving me confidence that this is a worthwhile purchase.

The Verdict – Power Up!

what is the best power tower

Credit: Stamina Products Inc.

The Stamina X with VKR Power Tower is a purchase that I think will greatly benefit your ability to strengthen and tone the muscles of your upper body. It would be a versatile, sturdy, and effective addition to anyone’s home gym! Click any of the links above or below to order yours today!

Now it’s your turn! What do you think of the Stamina X? Have you used power tower before, either at home or at the gym? Have you used any of Stamina’s power towers before? If so, what was your experience?

Please feel free to leave any comments you may have down below. I value your opinions. As always, if you have any questions, either about this particular piece of equipment, any of the information shared in the article, or just fitness in general, I’m all ears and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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For now, as always, God bless and happy workouts!