What Is The Human Trainer? Suspension Training At Its Best!

what is the human trainer

If you have been to a gym in the past several years (obviously not now since most of them are closed) you have probably seen an area or a class offered that dealt with suspension training. If you’ve ever wished you could bring that into your own home gym, look no further than The Human Trainer. What is The Human Trainer? I’m glad you asked!

Suspension training has become more and more popular over the years as a great way of getting an effective bodyweight workout. It’s not hard to see why as there some great benefits in doing it.

According to Fat Loss Classroom, doing suspension training can help improve your balance and muscle coordination, build a strong core, and improves your functional fitness.

The reason it is so beneficial in these areas is because when you are suspended you are forced to use your stabilizing muscles. No matter what position you are in, you are always looking to remain steady. While many exercises tend to isolate a certain muscle, suspension training recruits several muscle groups with each exercise.

The more muscle groups you incorporate into a workout, the more work is being done. The more work being done, the more calories you burn. The more calories you burn, the faster you can get in shape!

An added benefit is that suspension training is a bodyweight workout that can be done pretty much anywhere and can adapt to your fitness level.

For example, a good deal of suspension training kits can be wrapped around a tree, soccer goal, jungle gym, etc. That makes it a great choice for those who don’t their exercise to be confined to a gym or a single room in their house.

Secondly, you are in complete control of how hard the workout is. This is a matter of angles. The more inclined you are, the more weight you are moving, allowing you to customize your workout to grow with you.

Now, I know that TRX is the gold standard in this industry, but I after doing some research, I feel that their home systems leave something to be desired. That’s why I turned to the lesser-known The Human Trainer. If you want to see why I think they are the clear choice when it comes to suspension training, keep reading!

The Overview – What And Where To Buy

The Human Trainer Essential Kit
The Product: The Human Trainer Essentials Kit

Where to Buy: www.thehumantrainer.com (With orders able to ship within 48 hours of purchase!)

The Specs and Features

The company behind The Human Trainer, Astone Fitness, has been around since 2003 when it was founded in Vancouver by International Certified Trainer, Darren Shane. He and a partner wanted to devise a way to make fitness fun and available to all while being completely portable.

He started by making resistance bands under the brand name “Ripcord”. After that came a series of products including one for assisting stretching, a doorway mounted chin-up bar, and a DVD series called “Circuit7”. However, it wasn’t until 2010 that they came up with the world’s first dual anchor suspension gym, The Human Trainer.

With the growing popularity of suspension training, the business grew until it was recognized in publications such as Inside Fitness, Oxygen, and Fitness Business Canada, incorporated into many commercial gyms, and even used by professional sports teams.

They have several suspension kits available with a wide range of prices, however, I am going to be focusing on the Essentials Kit with what I think is an important add-on to give you the option of a serious interval workout to really get your blood pumping in their Agility X-Training Kit.

First up is The Human Trainer Essentials Kit. When you open the package, you will find several pieces of equipment. The first of these is the two main straps that are made of durable yet soft nylon webbing. These each have door anchors already integrated into the strap, so there isn’t an extra piece of equipment to worry about.

Additionally, the straps come complete with D-rings at various points on the main straps to which handles can be attached. Speaking of the handles, the package comes with two that can act as handles for exercises like bicep curls, chest presses, and overhead triceps extensions and foot cradles for suspended push-ups and core exercises.

In case you don’t want to be attached to a door all the time, you can use the two short versatility anchors (which also have a door anchor integrated). These can be wrapped around trees, soccer goals, monkey bars, etc. so that you aren’t limited to being inside.

If you are looking to use it out of the house, everything can be transported in the included mesh carrying bag.

In case you aren’t sure what to do when you get your kit, it comes with an incredibly detailed manual that goes over setting up each anchoring system, over 20 sample exercises and stretches, and how to care for your kit.

As a bonus, when you are ready to move beyond the exercises included in the manual, you will also get a Circuit7 Human Trainer DVD that comes complete with 4 workouts and 1 stretching routine as well as other features.

The suggested add on is the Agility X-Training Kit. This can easily be used in conjunction with The Human Trainer Essentials Kit to give yourself a circuit training HIIT workout to increase your calorie burn!

In the Agility Kit, you will receive two 9-foot agility ladders that can be anchored in with the included 4 metal pegs, ten cross-training agility cones, a product manual, carrying bag, and two instructional DVDs.

If you wish to see the variety of ways and places in which you can use The Human Trainer, check out the video below:

The Pros

I have been interested in suspension training for a while now and came away really impressed with the system that The Human Trainer was offering. Here are my main highlights:

  • Muscle Recruiting: I love the concept behind suspension training in that I have always been a fan of exercise that incorporates multiple muscle groups, especially if those groups include stabilizing muscles. If that leads to me burning more calories and getting stronger over my whole body, I’m in.
  • Quicker Workouts: To piggyback off of the above, using more muscles means burning calories and getting stronger happens in a shorter amount of time. That, and you can easily move from one exercise to another. As a husband and father of three, I really appreciate effective, yet time saving, workouts!
  • Use Anywhere: I am a huge fan of getting outside for my workouts, yet, there isn’t much opportunity to get a varied strength workout when doing so and I don’t feel like bringing bulky weights to the park. Having everything fit in a small package and the ability to tie it around pretty much anything is a huge plus!
  • So Many Exercises: Another great thing is that with suspension training, you really aren’t limited to just a few set exercises. There are literally hundreds of movements and variations you can do!
  • Grows With You: Being able to increase or decrease the difficulty by simply shifting position is a great way for you to gradually grow stronger and test your limits.
  • Functional Training: Certain exercises help get you stronger and bigger, but don’t have much use in the real world. That’s why functional training (i.e. training for real life situations) is so key. If it makes my every day activities easier, then that’s what I am looking for.
  • Durable: The materials that have gone into the construction of The Human Trainer are top-notch. That is especially important if I am going to be hanging from these straps! In fact, the materials are so durable, each strap is able to hold up to 500lbs!
  • DVD: I really appreciate that the system comes with a DVD that has several workouts ready to go. That is really helpful for someone looking to get into suspension training, but unsure of how to go about it properly.
  • Agility Add-On: I think it’s great to be able to easily combine the suspension training for strength with the agility tools available in the ladders and cones. You can set yourself up a really nice circuit course with the two of them.
  • Quick Shipping: In an age of shipping delays due to COVID-19 demands, it’s great to know that they don’t have any problems getting your kit out on the road within 48 hours!
  • Money Back: The Human Trainer has a 90-day, money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied in any way after using it for 90 days, then you can send it back for a full refund of the product price.
  • Warranty: Additionally, they have an awesome 2-year warranty on any defective products. If it is something on their end, they will cover it. The warranty does not cover if you damage it or if it is normal wear and tear.
  • Price: For many, being able to get a complete suspension training system as well as agility equipment for well under $300 could be considered a steal.

Check out the video below to see a just how quickly you can change exercises during a sample workout:

CLICK HERE to check out the Agility X-Training Kit I recommend pairing with The Human Trainer Essentials!

The Cons

As great as I think The Human Trainer is, no review of mine would be complete without going over what I think isn’t great. While none of the items below are deal breakers for me, they might be for you and I think it is only fair that I give you the full story so you can make the most informed decision! Here are my main cons:

  • Limit To Growth: If you are looking to get toned, strong, and lean muscles, then suspension training is for you. However, you are limited to your own bodyweight as a maximum. If you are looking to get huge, then you might need to incorporate suspension training in with regular lifting.
  • Initial Shipping: There is no offer of free shipping that I could find for this product. While it’s not huge, every dollar counts in my book and it would have been nice to get it thrown in.
  • Return Shipping: Yes, there is a 90-day, money back guarantee with a full refund. However, they aren’t going to cover the cost for you to ship it back to them. In an age where most companies have free return shipping, this is a little strange.
  • Price: Even if you take the Agility X-Training Kit out of the equation, spending nearly $200 (or more after shipping costs are calculated) might be out of some budget-fitness individuals’ price range.
  • Placement Requirements: These straps have door anchors. However, you would definitely want to make sure the door you are using closes toward you since your whole bodyweight will be on the strap. If you don’t have that set-up, this might be a warmer weather, outside only type of equipment for you.

A Review Of The Reviews

This might be placed under your “Cons” section if you never purchase anything before looking at a lot of reviews beforehand. Try as I might, I couldn’t find any reviews for the Essentials Kit on The Human Trainer website and on Amazon, there were only 13 ratings (for which it scored a 4.3 out of 5), so that doesn’t really give a good barometer.

I hope by now, if you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I don’t give an endorsement lightly and I thoroughly research every product before bringing it to your attention. If it doesn’t impress me, chances are I won’t even talk about it because I like to present options I believe in.

I think it is a good thing that these are definitely being used within the fitness industry as an alternative to TRX and seeing as the company has been around for 17 years, they must be doing something right.

The Verdict – Suspend Your Disbelief And Start Training!

What is The Human Trainer? Personally, I think it is the go-to choice if you want suspension training, but don’t want to be forced into a gym membership to get it. The functional nature of the exercises, the recruitment of multiple muscle groups, and the ability to take it with you on the go and burn a ton of calories leaves me comfortable recommending it to you!

If you are interested in purchasing your own kit, feel free to click the banner below or any of the links above! Be sure to check out the Agility X-Training Kit as well, under the “Shop Now” menu tap in the “Speed and Agility” category, when you get there to see if you want to pair them up for some serious calorie burn!

The Human Trainer Essential Kit

Now, it’s your turn! What do you think of The Human Trainer Essentials Kit and the Agility X-Training Kit? Have you done any suspension training before? If so, what did you use and what were your thoughts? Do you think this compares to TRX? Let me know your thoughts and questions down in the comments below!

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